Best way to use oregano oil for Candida


Oregano oil has been in use for centuries as a potent natural treatment for a variety of conditions. It’s amazingly rich in antioxidants, acts as a natural antibiotic, and shows promising results in bad cholesterol reduction.

Few know about its strong antifungal properties, though, like you find with oil of oregano for Candida. Our guide uncovers how oregano oil can help fight Candida – a common type of fungus.

What Makes Oregano Oil a Potent Natural Medicine?

Oregano oil comes from Origanum vulgare, a wild plant that is part of the mint family. Ancient Romans and Greeks recognized the plant’s many medicinal properties and applied it in treatment of various diseases. It is also since then that oregano has been a popular flavorful herb used in cooking.

Thymol and carvacrol, the two major beneficial ingredients in oregano oil, deliver the bulk of its medicinal effects. These phenols act as antifungal and antimicrobial agents that stall the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria. They also support the immune system and help the body fend off toxins.

Besides thymol and carvacrol, oregano oil is also densely packed with antioxidants. By scavenging for free radicals, the slew of antioxidants in oregano oil shields the body from oxidative stress. This makes for yet another way in which oregano oil can boost the immune function and fight infections.

Thanks to these properties, oregano oil reigns supreme for fighting Candida naturally. Let’s take a closer look at why oregano oil can be a potent remedy for Candida.

How Exactly Does Oregano Oil Help Fight Candida?

Candida albicans is a pathogenic yeast that is a type of fungus. In normal circumstances, Candida is present in the gastrointestinal tract, but the beneficial gut bacteria restrain its growth. If for some reason, however, the immune system fails to suppress Candida, the fungus spreads in the body.

This dangerous condition is referred to as candidiasis. Its severity can range from oral thrush and upset stomach to dangerous fungal invasions that affect internal organs. And as more and more evidence suggests, Candida is forming resistance to many standard antifungal medications.

That’s where oregano oil comes in:

  • Its natural antifungal agents can fight Candida without letting the fungus build a resistance.
  • It can be used for longer periods of time without the adverse effects of taking antibiotics.
  • It can be taken regularly to prevent Candida from spreading in the first place.
  • Its rich antioxidant content helps make the immune response to Candida much more efficient.

As you can see, oregano oil has what it takes to be a one-stop natural remedy for Candida. Let’s find out how to take oregano oil.

Tips for Using Oregano Oil for Candida Infections

Like most herbal oils, oregano oil comes in two main forms: tinctures and softgels. The form you choose will dictate the dosages. Oregano oil tinctures are taken twice a day by adding 3 to 6 drops to a glass of water. Softgels with oregano oil are taken after food, up to two times a day, 1 softgel at a time.

The above dosages are common but they’re not set in stone. Each oregano oil manufacturer may have a different set of dosing recommendations. And your naturopathic doctor may come up with individual guidelines for you. In any case, your best and safest bet is to stick with the recommended dosages.

It also pays to ensure your oregano oil is of high quality. Best brands derive oregano oil exclusively from Origanum vulgare plant. They also keep their products free of alcohols and any other additives that may foster Candida growth. Decent oregano oils must also be high in thymol and carvacrol.

Use Caution When Taking Oregano Oil for Candida

Even though oregano oil comes from a natural source, it’s still a concentrated substance. As such, it calls for precision and moderation, as any other type of medicine. In fact, some people may be better off not taking oregano oil due to some of its potential adverse effects.

Oregano oil may temporarily slow down iron absorption, being a bad choice for people who suffer from an iron deficiency. It’s also contraindicated during pregnancy, since oregano oil may weaken uterine lining by increasing blood flow to it. Some people may also be allergic to oregano.

For the vast majority of people, though, oregano oil is both safe and beneficial. It can be a powerful naturopathic remedy for various forms of Candida fungal infection. And it can help your body repel Candida and other pathogens alike.


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