Best Ways to Open OLM Files on Mac/Windows OS


The data files in Outlook for Mac (.OLM) extension include a variety of information from calendars, emails, scheduled tasks, contacts, and more. These OLM files can be directly opened with the Outlook for Mac application. This makes it simple to open them in mac OS but the problem is when email clients other than Outlook as well as users using Outlook windows wish to open OLM files. The Windows OS or the other email clients do not recognize this .olm extension. Although there are some workarounds to open OLM files within windows.

You must know the best ways to open OLM file

There are some solutions that permit users to open OLM files, even though they do not have Mac OS. There could be some reasons for why not all of the solutions suggested by experts. Below are some suggestions to provide an explanation of what might occur if OLM files aren’t opened in a secure manner:

  • Damage to OLM files that have been incorrectly opened.
  • If the solution isn’t safe , it may introduce harmful elements into your system which may be harmful to other files too.
  • Data deletion in OLM files.
  • In the worst-case scenario, it could result in the system being unable to function completely.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the most effective method for opening OLM files on mac and windows systems.

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Open OLM files on Mac

Because OLM files are created using Outlook to mac opening them is quite simple. However, prior to opening the steps it is important to understand the location where OLM files are kept.

For Outlook Mac 2011

/Users//Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity

For Outlook Mac 2016

/Users//Library/GroupContainers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile

Methods for opening OLM documents using Mac Outlook:

  1. Start the Outlook for Mac application, go through the Tools tab, then select the Import option. On the Import tab select the Outlook to Mac Archive document (.olm). Then you can click to continue.
  2. From the Mac the system searches for OLM files. OLM file and then chooses to import this file to Outlook in Outlook for Mac.
  3. On the left side in the left pane of the Outlook page, you’ll access the information from OLM documents in the section On My Computer.

Opening OLM files within Windows

The most secure method of opening an OLM file in Outlook for Windows is to convert it to an PST file. Like OLM is supported on mac, PST files are compatible with Windows OS. Although the process requires some steps to be followed, it is among the most efficient techniques.

Methods for opening OLM files on Windows:

  1. Access your Gmail account, then click your Options button. Click to the Settings tab..
  2. In the open window, click Forwarding and the POP/IMAP tab and click it. Check that the Enable IMAP option is ticked in the IMAP Access section.
  3. Open Outlook on your Mac then on its main menu, click Outlook > > Preferences Accounts > Personal Settings. Click on the + symbol to link the Gmail email account into your Outlook for mac account.
  4. Following this step, right-click the Inbox folder on the left pane. Select an option to create a new folder. New Folder option, and save the folder with the OLMTransfer name.
  5. Choose the files required and copy these into OLMTransfer’s folder.
  6. Start Windows Outlook and set up the identical Gmail account that is mentioned within Outlook to Mac.
  7. After downloading OLM files with a Gmail accounts and sync to Windows Outlook, all the emails will show up in Windows Outlook and you can receive emails that are contained in OLM files.


OLM files can be easily opened by Mac because they support the OLM format, however in Windows Outlook users may require assistance. Although workarounds may not be efficient, the solution offered in this article is among the best ways to convert MAC Outlook OLM file into Outlook PST file.


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