BetNow Review: Is Legit?


BetNow is one of the most highly reputed betting websites on the internet. With a long history of trustworthy business, they’ve gained unparalleled trust and loyalty from their patrons. In addition to a good online reputation, BetNow also offers a plethora of offers and best deals to the bettors. A site with good odds makes winning easier.

BetNow Overview

BetNow is an officially licensed sportsbook which means that you can wager at BetNow with full confidence, knowing that you’re dealing with a reputable website.


  • The right betting odds can make a lot of difference when betting on sports online. BetNow offers low vigs and has the most lucrative odds. 
  • BetNow offers a variety in betting. You can bet a variety of sports across the world. 
  • They offer some of the best online sportsbook betting bonuses. In addition to the 50% welcome bonus, you can avail more exciting offers. You can also get a 10% cashback by referring to a friend. 


  • One of the shortcomings in regard to the user interface of BetNow is the inability to sort by bet type. Incorporating that would enable bettors to bet for a particular type of bet regardless of the sport or event.

Customer Reviews said “Our initial impression of the sportsbook at BetNow was that the page was nice and clean. Everything on the website looked organized, and there were no ads that would have intervened in our user interface experience. Their UI was super intuitive, meaning that it was very easy to find everything on the site. Bettors can simply click on the “In-Play Betting” and go through all the available wagering options for sports in-play at that time.”


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