After two action-packed installments, “Black Clover” episode 65 is going to offer quite a laid-back setting. However, fans must not skip this one because it will reveal more information about the magic stones as well as the future enemies of the Black Bulls.

As shown in the brief preview for “Black Clover” episode 65, Nero lands at the left shoulder of the Witch Queen pokes his beak onto her earring that bears a symbol. This piece of jewelry is certainly not just for aesthetic purposes and is also going to be a highlight in the next episode.

In the manga chapter where “Black Clover” episode 65 is based, the Witch Queen will heal the Black Bulls before explaining what her earring is. It is a magic stone or a relic that helps increase the power of anyone who possesses it.

While the Witch Queen is benefiting from its power, she will admit that the elves are really the ones who have mastered using the magic stones. And fans who are caught up with the manga series may recall that the elves are currently the ones causing the Magic Knights huge problems. This also hints that “Black Clover” episode 65 is leading up to a new arc.

The Witch Queen will explain that the elves used to live in the Clover Kingdom as well, specifically in a place called the Forsaken Region. However, as was told in the manga series, the elves instigated a war against the humans but were defeated. “Black Clover” episode 65 will introduce the theory that members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun — also presumably, descendants of the elves — are after these relics.

For several reasons, “Black Clover” episode 65 is also an important installment for Vanessa. The Witch Queen will finally accept defeat after trying to control Asta’s demon form and Vanessa’s Grimoire’s destiny-altering power. The Witch Queen then allows Vanessa to leave and join the Black Bulls.

“Black Clover” episode 65 is titled “I’m Home” and it will be the case for some of the characters. Mars and Ladros are heading back with magic from the Witch Queen that will hopefully help bring peace in the Diamond Kingdom. The Black Bulls are also expected to travel back to the Clover Kingdom with Fana and Vanessa. This is a milestone for Vanessa as she decides to join the Black Bulls but the Witch Queen insists that the Witches’ Forest remains to be her home.


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