What Happened to Blippi and Why Was He Replaced?


If you knew Stevin John and followed his channel, you probably wondered what happened to Blippi, right?

Well, Stevin John is a popular creator who runs a channel called Blippi on YouTube. The creator started it in 2014 and continues to teach kids with entertainment aged between 2 to 7.

If you follow Blippi, you must have noticed that the original Blippi (Stevin John) is replaced by a new character who looks similar to him but different.

The channel is pretty popular and has over ten billion views with fourteen million-plus subscribers.

Due to this change, most people started asking questions like, what happened to Blippi? What happened to the original Blippi? Will he come back? And more.

We were also curious to know about the details. As he is a popular YouTuber, his replacement has sparked controversy.

Luckily, there is nothing to worry about because he has a kid of his own with his fiancée Alyssa Ingham. Stevin shared some pictures which confirm the same.

Still, we are left with many questions and doubts about his replacement. When will he come back?

Who replaced the original Blippi? And more. We researched all these details and brought this article to answer your questions.

If you are a fan of Blippi and concerned about his replacement, read this article till the end, and you will find all your answers.

Who is Blippi?

Blippi is a popular channel on YouTube run by YouTuber Stevin john, which creates Edutainment videos for children aged between 2 to 7. His videos are simple and fun that easily teaches difficult concept to kids.

In all his videos, you will find Blippi wearing an orange and blue beanie hat, a blue shirt, orange suspenders, and an orange bow tie. His attire looks attractive that easily engages kids to watch his videos.

Due to his ability to explain complex concepts in a fun way with a lot of energy. Steve was able to create a million-dollar business, and to date, he continues to entertain and teach kids using his fun videos. darmowe gry hazardowe

Stevin started his channel in 2014, and it has continued growing since then. However, the recent change may impact the business. We have discussed those details in this article.

How old is Blippi?

Blippi is now 33 years old. It’s been nine years since he posted his first video on YouTube. He is a successful creator, and we wish him good health.

Is Blippi married?

No, Blippi is not married yet. The 33-year-old got engaged to his fiancée Alyssa Ingham, but there is no news about them getting married.

Recently, the couple welcomed their first child Lochlan David John, on Wednesday, March 9. They announced the news on Instagram by sharing a picture of both holding their baby.

David says parenthood is why he took a break, and maybe soon, he will return with all his energy to entertain kids and teach them something new.

As an audience, we always want to connect with our favorite creators. We have added more details about Blippi that you would be interested in.

Blippi net worth

We researched many articles and resources to know the correct details about Blippi’s net worth. Some say he holds an enormous wealth of $35 million, while others claim that currently, he has around $50 million. However, these articles were old, and it’s not the right information.

As per the latest update by Forbes, Blippi net worth is $75 Million, and currently, he makes around $2 million per month.

Work and career

Stevin John became popular because of his kid’s edutainment YouTube channel Blippi. He uploads entertainment videos for kids where Stevin himself acts to explain complex problems in an easy and fun way.

The famous character in all his videos is called Blippi, who has childish behavior, but he is full of energy.

Blippi shows how complex systems work in the coolest way a child below seven years can understand. The content is mostly related to outdoor activities like visiting parks, museums, farms, etc.

Since the day of launch, he has grown because of his engaging content, and till now, he has successfully collected over 14 million subscribers.

Stevin also has one more channel known as Blippi Toys on YouTube. Like Blippi, that channel is also doing well it has around 7.75 million subscribers, which is growing every day.

Blippi is available to watch on YouTube, but if somehow you cannot browse him, search him on Roku, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. He consistently uploads all his content on these platforms as well.

Family & Personal Life

There aren’t many details about Blippi’s childhood and his struggle to become the best edutainment creator on YouTube.

All we know is Stevin John, better known as Blippi, was born on May 27, 1988, in Ellensburg, Washington, United States. Stevin always dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot and a limo driver as a kid.

He got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Alyssa Ingham in 2021, and recently, they shared the picture of their first baby boy.

Why was he replaced?

Our sources claim that Blippi wasn’t replaced; instead, Stevin gave up the role by himself because he wanted to spend time with his baby and enjoy parenthood by dividing the responsibilities with his Fiancée.

People, who ask about what happened to Blippi? Also, speculate on the social media about a conspiracy behind Stevin leaving and his co-worker performing a Blippi for the time being.

But all those rumors are incorrect, and recently, the couple shared a picture of themselves holding their baby together. So, there is no space left for a conspiracy theory. Maybe soon we will see him again performing for kids.

Who replaced Blippi?

An article posted on Modern parenting confirms that Clayton Grimm replaced Stevin John to perform as Blippi.

Further, the report says it was a sad and confusing day for kids when they realized their favorite Blippi wasn’t the same person they used to watch for years.

After 9 years of playing as Blippi, actor Stevin John, real name Stephen J. Grossman, is replaced by Clayton Grimm. However, this isn’t the first time Grimm performed for Blippi.

In 2019, he appeared on the Blippi Live tour but not as the main character. At that time, 12.5 million kids came to know about the show and showered their love.

Not only for kids, but it was a shock for many Blippi fans as they were used to watching a similar face for many years.

Suddenly seeing another of their favorite characters made them concerned about Stevin, so they searched for what happened to Blippi?

For many episodes, we will see Clayton Grimm performing as Blippi. We must say that Grimm is good at his work and easily handles the character of Blippi, so the kids don’t miss the original Blippi a lot.

Why did the team choose Clayton Grimm as the new Blippi?

There is a short history behind choosing Grimm as the Blippi. As per Wikipedia, Stevin and John portrayed Blippi’s character until May 2021. But, on May 8, he left, and Clayton Grimm started playing his character.

Grimm connected with their team in 2019 and played as Blippi in a live performance. That was the first time launch of an alternate Blippi.

So, choosing Grimm as Blippi was not a sudden decision; instead, he was connected with the team for over two years and appeared in a live event.

All these incidents show that he was the perfect person to play Blippi’s role. Also, the decision went right, and now people love him in character.

Do people love the new Blippi?

We checked reviews and comments posted on various social media websites, blogs, and videos to find out what people think about the new character, and we noticed mixed reactions.

People like the acting of Grimm as they are already familiar with the face. However, instead of praising the new actor, most kids were concerned about the original Blippi.

We found many comments on social media that show the kids are concerned about the original Blippi, and they would love to see him coming back to entertain them again.

Not only kids, we even found comments posted by adults who used to watch the show (maybe with their kids).

Those adults have also posted comments showing they are concerned about the replacement and would like to know what happened to Blippi? And when he is coming back.

What happened to the original Blippi?

There is nothing to worry about the original Blippi as he currently became a new father and enjoying his parenthood days with his long-time girlfriend and Fiancée, Alyssa Ingham.

They frequently share their pictures on Instagram about their personal life. You may follow their Instagram account to remain updated on the latest news.

Moreover, there is no negative news circulating about any conspiracy of Gramm replacing Stevin due to some internal issue. So, there is nothing to worry about. Maybe soon we will see the original Blippi performing those amazing videos.

Even Gramm is a good match for Blippi’s character. The recent trends show that kids are becoming used to the new face, and slowly, they have started enjoying their acting skills. Maybe a time will come when there will be no need to replace the Blippi again.

As of now, we cannot claim anything. But the original Blippi is fine and enjoying some of the best days of his life. There is nothing to worry about him.

Does the original Blippi plan to come back?

Indeed, when you ask what happened to Blippi? It also shows that you’re concerned about him returning to the channel.

Like you, we also miss the original Blippi, so we searched the Internet for any recent news or claims about him coming back.

Sadly, there is no such news. We checked the official social media handles, website, and other sources but failed to find any relevant information that confirms that the original Blippi will come back on this day.

Maybe he will return soon, or he might take some more time. There are no details available about the same. However, the fans are desperately waiting to see their favorite character back in action. We hope that Stevin thinks the same way and planning to come back.

The time will reveal all other information. Currently, we only got an option to wait and watch. Also, hope for the best.

Does this impact the followers and business?

Soon after the original Blippi left, people were concerned and searched about what happened to Blippi?

But now, it seems like they have accepted the new character, and their channel is continuously growing. We have checked some trends which show that the decision hasn’t impacted the business.

Another reason for this acceptance is that people were already familiar with Gramm’s face as they had seen him in a live event.

So, it was not a sudden shock for the audience. This became a plus point for business that will continue to help even after the return of the original creator.

Final thoughts

Blippi is a great channel and a unique idea brought by Stevin John. He entertained and educated kids through his edutainment channels for years, and most kids became a fan of his colorful videos.

However, when suddenly he got replaced by a new character, it became a matter of concern for many kids and even adults worldwide. So, they started asking what happened to Blippi?

We hope you got your answer and all the other details about Blippi. There is nothing to worry about because Stevin is completely fine and enjoying his parenthood days. You may check his Instagram account for recent pictures.

We don’t know when the original Blippi will return to the channel, but recent trends show that kids like Grimm as a new Blippi, and we don’t think there is a need to replace him again. Rest depends on the management.

Do you want to know what happened to Blippi? Did you get the answer? Please share your comments; we would love to help you with solutions.


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