Breakin 3


Oh my sweet GOD!!!! Ok, first I need to admit a deep dark secret of mine. I was once a break dancer (I’ll give you a moment to finish your laughing). So, obviously as a little kid I thought that Breakin and its sequel Breakin 2 were the greatest motion pictures of all time (I was 12… give me a break).

Anyway, it seems that they are indeed making a Breakin 3 to be entitled Break’n Revolution. All I know at this point is that the 3 lead characters are ALL GOING TO BE BACK! Lucinda Dickey (as “Special K”), Michael Chambers (as Turbo) and Adolfo Quinones (as Ozone). Man, just the names themselves are filled with delicious cheese!!!!

So I’m thinking (and this is all just speculation now on my part) that they’ll probably play older “old school” dancers who will take a new generation of break dancers under their wing and show them how it’s done. HAHA… I’m almost pissing myself this is so funny!


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