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Since he teased his followers with stunning AF photos of him at the sea with his mysterious lover we’ve wanted to find out the details of what beauty expert and creator of YouTube Bretman Rock’s gorgeous man is like! After many years of waiting it appears that we’re finally getting an image of him, but not in the way that you might imagine..

In a video that was recently uploaded to his YouTube channel Bretman asks to his BF (whose name remains unidentified to viewers) to make an all-face makeup look for him. And while we can listen to Bretman’s (deep) sound and witness his hands applying various cosmetics to his face however, we aren’t able to observe anything more than the fact that he. There’s a good reason!

The video Bretman clarifies that the man he is very private and doesn’t make use of social media. In any way. (A sharp contrast from Bretman himself who has more than 14.5 million users on Instagram and 7 million users to YouTube.)

“He doesn’t care for social media, which I love,” Bretman declares in the video as his friend amusingly apply too much foundation on his face.

“I just don’t believe that’s one of the things that makes our relationship,” his BF responds. “It never has been.”

In the rest of the video they talk about their story of how they met in the mall and began dating. We’re loving how cute this all seems!

Although we’re looking for more information about the way his wife looks (hey we’re being truthful! ) It’s good to be aware that Bretman is among the most well-known beauty industry and dedicated influencers, is making well-deserved distinctions regarding his professional and personal life! It’s not a reason to be upset for this!

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