Brooklinn Khoury Before And After: After Losing A Lip In A Dog Attack, Model Brooklinn Khoury Shares Her Recovery Journey. 


Brooklinn Koury, a professional skateboarder and model, was asked to visit her cousin in Gilbert, Arizona, in early November 2020 for a pleasant trip packed with girl time and pool time.

So the cousins got their nails done and went some errands on Nov. 3 of last year. They were driving home when Khoury took a selfie. She clipped her lip out of the picture because she was self-conscious about a small pimple near her mouth.

Khoury was standing in the kitchen at her cousin’s house when she went to pet her cousin’s dog, an 8-year-old blue-nose pitbull named Diesel, whom she had previously met.

“I was like, ‘You’re such a good boy,’” she recalls. In the most recent edition of Landscapeinsight, she describes how he “actually leapt from a sitting position into my face.” “I was standing, and he was seated, and he immediately leapt up.” And he was basically hanging from my mouth, arms and legs. “Oh my God, get on the ground with him, hold his head, go wherever he goes,” I said.

She moved with him whenever he yanked. “Finally, I felt a sense of relief.” “And then something soared and collided with the wall,” she recalls.

“I looked down and my whole shirt was just blood — like blood, blood, blood everywhere,” she adds.

She noticed a pink lump on the floor and covered it in a napkin, recognising it was her lip due to the presence of the zit she’d just edited off her shot.

Despite their prompt action, the surgeons were unable to salvage Khoury’s upper lip.

She later posted a selfie from her hospital bed, writing, “hug somebody you love,” later that week. She opted to film every step of her recovery because she always portrayed the good and the bad in her skateboarding posts, including falls.

She says, “Life isn’t flawless.” “People can mask who they truly are on Instagram.”

But she refuses, believing that in life, like in skating, you learn from your mistakes.

“The first time I saw my face after the procedure was horrifying,” Khoury says. “But I was like, ‘OK, time to love this new version of myself for now,’” she continues. I want folks to know they aren’t alone if they are going through something similar.”

Pick up this week’s issue of Landscapeinsight for more on Brooklinn Khoury.

The skateboarder, who likes pickles and overalls, has spent a lot of time this year attempting to be happy. She still hikes, surfs, and skates. Pickles, her pomchi (a pomeranian/chihuahua mix), is one of her favourite companions. She also got a kitten named Lady with her girlfriend, Dance Moms alum Chloé Lukasiak.

Lukasiak and she met two days before her attack. They met for coffee at Starbucks and then carved pumpkins together.

“I simply fell so hard,” says Khoury. She recalls being concerned about their connection while in the hospital. “What if she doesn’t think I’m pretty anymore?” I wondered.

Lukasiak, on the other hand, has stood by her side and encouraged her, telling her every day how beautiful she is.

“She’s amazing,” Khoury says. “She’s incredible.”

Khoury recently had the first of five procedures to restore her upper lip. Her surgeon characterises the procedure as an artistic endeavour. Her arm was used for the skin graft and tissue transplant.

“It looks like a baby shark bit my arm,” she says, adding that her skin had to be sewn back on.

“I’m learning to love myself,” Khoury says for now. I’d like to inspire as many people as possible.”


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