Halloween may still be a long time ahead, but the trends for this spirited holiday are already resurfacing. There’s one makeup look that is taking the internet by storm. The butterfly eyeshadow has a nostalgic feel and will make your inner child smile. Many Insta cool girls and celebs have already tested this look. Here are some of the most beautiful butterfly eyeshadow looks to spark your creativity.

You don’t need the skills of Picasso to try this trend. The first step is choosing and applying the colors of the butterfly you want to create. However, you’ll need some sharp eyeliner skills to draw the wings and add details to your design.

There are thousands of gorgeous butterfly types you can use as inspiration. You can incorporate your favorite colors and customize the design of the wings for the most flattering effect.

Draw wings on both your lid and lower lash line to recreate this butterfly eye mask. The attention-grabbing design has more details and might take a bit more time, but the finished look is so worth it!

The butterfly eyeshadow makeup can be as vibrant as you want. These pastel butterfly wings are a bit more subtle and will give you a softer appearance.

You can wear the butterfly eyeshadow trend in a more abstract form. Use a vibrant shadow to create cut crease eye makeup look and then outline the wings with an eyeliner. Recreate this lavender makeup look for a dreamy appearance.

Here is another butterfly eye mask that looks mesmerizing. The eye-catching color combination and beautifully rounded shape of the wings will make your eyes pop.

The monarch butterfly is a popular choice for many, and it’s easy to see why. The mix of yellow and orange tones with a touch of a glittery gold shade creates a stunning look that anyone can pull off.

Show off your makeup skills by recreating this unique butterfly eyeshadow makeup look and enchant everyone with a single blink.

For a more subtle appearance, choose these baby-blue butterfly wings. This elegant design will make you look effortlessly charming on Halloween or even any regular day.

This monochromatic purple glam looks classy AF. Hop on the butterfly eyeshadow makeup trend by recreating this gorgeous look for Halloween or even your next special occasion.


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