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BigFaFa Casino
BigFaFa Casino

There may not be as many different options for online gaming as there is today. Countless sites exist to cater to the gaming and sports betting desires of people around the world who enjoy competing to win real cash and prizes. While some have gained massive popularity, there are still horror stories about sites that have mysteriously “lost” all of a user’s earnings or closed up shop overnight and disappeared from the internet altogether. Knowing what sites to trust can be quite the chore as even ones that seem to be reputable and legit may have their bugs and their security concerns that have left users burned in the past and present. 

I’ve been playing exclusively at, which has been quickly becoming one of the most trusted and popular online casinos in all of Canada over the last several months. Just like any other site where I’m putting up my hard-earned money for the chance to win more, I had my questions and concerns when I first began playing. The tough reality is that so many sites have had issues with cheating, security breaches, and overall impropriety, feeling good about an online casino and/or sportsbook can be very difficult. After I made my account at BigFaFa, I started browsing their site for games and sports betting information, and in the process was reassured of their legitimacy and high standing within the online casino industry. 

Knowing that the company you are doing your online gaming and sports betting with has your best interest in mind and holds themselves to the highest standard is so incredibly important. Being someone who has played cards, skill-based games, and placed bets for years on the internet, everything I have seen and learned about has shaped my opinion that they are one of the most trustworthy and reputable online casinos going into 2022 and beyond. Has Nothing to Hide

Some of the most valuable information about an online casino is oftentimes the most difficult information to find. In fact, so many online casinos make finding their accreditation and licensure like participating in an elaborate scavenger hunt. It’s so common for online slot websites, card rooms, and casinos to make accessing this important information such a hassle that most users don’t even know that they should be looking for these answers. 

The creators and team at have always made transparency one of their biggest priorities. They perfectly understand that having an enjoyable experience and winning real cash online is the priority of their users but doing so with peace of mind is paramount. After all, earning real money is all well and good until one day you log in to find that the site you’ve been gaming with has been shut down. With BigFaFa, there are never any concerns about user safety or legality, and their team is proud to display all the pertinent information to back that claim up. 

Only the Best Partner with

As soon as you first visit, all you need to do is scroll down on the home page to see some of the most important information you’ll want to know before gaming with an online casino. Displayed prominently towards the bottom of the page are several of BigFaFa’s partners and software providers that ensure that games, slots, card rooms, and their sportsbook are all monitored and functioning in a fully impartial and fair manner. Industry leaders like Betsoft Gaming, Evolution, and Pragmatic Play have been providing top online casinos with software services for years, and they’ve officially partnered with because they know that only the highest standards apply there. 

Additionally, you will find their gaming license information which has been granted to BigFaFa through the Fair Interactive Group NV. This license is both approved and regulated by an industry powerhouse, the Curacao Gaming Commission. Another important piece of information that is prominently displayed is BigFaFa’s exact gaming license number, which is 8048/JAZ2021-019. Understands That Trust is Earned

Let’s be real. Any time there is real money at stake, there are always high stakes. Knowing that your online casino is being transparent with you and their other clients is beyond important and is really the first step towards having an unparalleled gambling experience. 

One of the biggest reasons that BigFaFa has been able to guarantee a fair and trustworthy user experience is because their team has been around the industry for many years. They understand where other online casinos have fallen short and how loyal users have been burned in the past. BigFaFa was created with the customer in mind and users can feel confident that they are gaming with only the most reputable and trusted sites on the entire internet and throughout all of Canada. is quickly growing and there are hundreds of new users signing up each day. While the hype isn’t always warranted when it comes to online casinos, there’s a reason why BigFaFa is only getting bigger and has maintained an industry-leading reputation. If you need more convincing, check them out soon to see all that I’ve described to you and so much more.


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