Millions of people visit casinos every year – such is the popularity of these traditional land-based gambling hives where players can win huge amounts of cash on the spin of a wheel or roll of the dice. The attraction of the casino is so big that many people even take to hosting their own casino-themed parties.

If you have never ventured into a casino in your life, you’ll need some expert guidance to help you dress in a unique way – whether you’re going to a casino or hosting a bash. For the uninitiated, there are a range of unwritten rules about casino etiquette that can catch you off guard. These include how to dress, as this can give away what type of player you really are. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you make the right sartorial choices to help you impress other casino guests.

Below is our ultimate list of fashion and accessories essentials to help you stand out from the crowd and win big on the tables.

How to dress for success

So you’ve decided on a casino to visit. It’s one with a strict dress code and plethora of rich and famous regulars. You now need to define your reason for visiting this casino. Are you going for fun? A night out? Or are you heading there to win some money?

If it’s the latter you need to dress appropriately. In a game of skill and psychology such as poker you want to convey the right image of your playing style from your clothes. If you’re looking to blow people away with brash raises and financial abandon, dress like a high roller.

Go for the white tuxedo or the killer heels. Drape yourself in expensive jewellery to let your rivals know you mean business. If your playing style is more reserved, mirror that with your clothes and blend into the background. Let’s look at some of the styles you can go for.

The carefree gambler

Men: The 1980s was a memorable decade for fashion, some of it great and some of it, well, not so great. One style that came into fashion was the Yuppie look and that’s what you want to go for if you’re looking to create a look that says “I’m wealthy”.

Yuppies chose their clothes carefully to make sure that they highlighted how wealthy and successful they were. It was all about designer names and brands, so you might have to save up for a while to get this look. Chinos, loafers a pastel shirt with an open neck and a white blazer should come together well to make the look authentic.

A Rolex or TAG Heuer watch would be the icing on the cake, but if they’re out of your budget go for the shiniest, most gregarious watch in your budget. In fact, why not model your watch on your favourite casino games? A watch works in a similar way to roulette – and these ingenious creations are a work of art in themselves, with various layers and materials.

The 1980s saw a lot of interesting fashion styles including the Yuppie.

Women: Yuppies weren’t just men in the 1980s – plenty of women got involved as well. Zara Brownless won the Young Apprentice in 2015 and while she had plenty of business savvy to thank for her victory, she also credited her lucky power dress.

The colour pop pretty pencil dress set Zara back £65 from ASOS but it was worth every single penny. Wear this to the casino and you’ll dominate the gambling tables just like she dominated the boardroom. Keep your accessories understated and refined, avoid big, brash and loud jewellery. Instead opt for a small but stunning necklace that signals your wealth and power – but also your self-awareness.

The shy retiring type

Men: If you want people to underestimate you at the poker table as part of a bluffing strategy, dress like a newbie. You want to come across as someone that feels a little uncomfortable at the table – someone who’s never visited a casino before. Therefore, dress modestly and a little bit haphazardly. Think an 18-year-old who gets his first job working in an office and buys his clothes from Topman with a fifty quid voucher he got for Christmas. Plain clothes, the timeless classics, no flashy shirts or shoes and definitely no flashy accessories. When you go all in on your killer hand you want to look uncomfortable to be parting with your money. This will mean other playing will underestimate you, allowing you to swoop in and win big.

Women: Much like the male style guide, you need to create a look that seems a bit out of place or even over the top. Imagine it’s your first ever trip to the casino and you missed the memo about how to dress. A glittery cocktail dress, ridiculously high heels, curled hair and a clutch bag should set this look off just right. It will make the other players around the table think you’re just here for a good time, not a money-making time. Don’t be afraid to play up to the ‘ditzy’ stereotype either, not only will it make others underestimate you but it’ll make your final win even more satisfying.

The seasoned pro

Bond may have won big in Casino Royale but he made a fashion faux pas when he removed his dinner jacket at the poker table.

Men: So you’re going to Casino de Monte Carlo, one of the most famous casinos in the world and a popular haunt for James Bond. Style yourself on Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and you’ll look like a regular. A dinner jacket is absolutely necessary and it needs to fit well. Make sure you never take it off at the table. You want to look sophisticated and comfortable in your clothes. Go for a bowtie rather than a tie – nothing too loud, just a nice black or navy blue. Pay special attention to stunning suspenders and eye-catching cufflinks, too.

Women: Unlike the guys, we don’t want you to dress like a fictional British spy. Instead imagine you’re going to the Oscars as a well-established actress who isn’t looking to grab the attention with a crazy dress. Go for a floor-length formal gown, and if you’re confident enough choose a dress that shows a bit of leg with the cut. If it’s the right dress it will look sophisticated, elegant and sexy all at the same time. Make sure you wear your hair up and go for a long pair of silk or satin gloves as well to top off the look.


The worst thing you can do at a casino is look ordinary. Every time you set foot in a casino could be the night you walk away with an early retirement-inducing jackpot – and as we’ve illustrated here, your sartorial choices can play a big part in making that happen.


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