James Franco
Actor James Franco got called out when a series of tweets to a 17-year-old girl from Scotland were published that show him … well, you see what they say. Once he was outed the then-35-year-old called the situation embarrassing and claimed to have learned his lesson.

Gwyneth Paltrow
In June 2012, while attending a Kanye West and Jay Z concert, Paltrow used her social media account to remind the world that she got VIP access and had way better seats than anyone else there. Or she was just posting a pic because she felt like it.

Either way, she tweeted the name of a song and it had a variation of the N-word in it. It causes a stir and made news, and then some dude we’ve never heard of named The-Dream copped to typing the tweet. Later, it was deleted, but not before she informed people that it was the name of a song (which is true):

When a tsunami pummeled Japan in 2011 Gilbert Gottfried used Twitter to rattle off some jokes. You can read some of them — which have since been deleted — in the screengrab above. Not all of them went over. In fact, none of them did, as many people who aren’t heartless pricks found them to be tasteless. The suits at Aflac thought so, too. Gottfried, who was earning an easy (and most likely, large) paycheck as the voice of their mascot, canned him, releasing a statement:

Roseanne Barr
Roseanne thought that showing her disdain for George Zimmerman — the dude who gunned down and was later acquitted in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012 — would best be displayed by tweeting his home address. One of the issues with doing this — along with inviting violence to take place at the dude’s pad — is that Zimmerman evidently live at that address any longer. His parent’s did, and they’re now suing Barr.

Ashton Kutcher
Before Kutcher knew the facts about why Joe Paterno was canned at Penn State’s football coach — JoPa turned a blind eye to years of alleged sexual abuse by a staff member — he went on a Twitter rant to condone the firing. He later rectified the situation by turning his Twitter account over to a management team who would vet and edit his tweets, writing in a blog post:

Kate Gosselin
The pic above, where Gosselin is evidently making slanted eyes, irritated well … basically anyone who has seen the photo and knows what she’s (allegedly) trying to do. She later said that the photo wasn’t released with her consent, which made everything okay. Just kidding.


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