Check Out These Encanto Funko Pops 


I am a huge Disney fan. I have watched most of the animated movies and love going to Disneyland. When I saw the first Encanto trailer I was pumped to see this film. Earlier this week some Funko Pops got announced from this upcoming animated movie and here is my thoughts on them.

I love how these Funko Pops turned out. Each one gives fans a look into the personality of these characters. Antonio has to be my favorite because it gives us a look into what makes them special in this family. Luisa turned out great and we get to see a bit of her personality in this Funko Pop. Funko did a wonderful job with Mirabel, they captured the essence of this character perfectly. You can pre-order these Funko Pops
The Antonio Madrigal Funko Pop arrives March 2022. The Luisa Madrigal Funko Pops comes out January 2022. The Mirabel Madrigal Funko Pops releases December 2021. 


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