Chivas Toluca will benefit if Alexis Vega is sold


Undoubtedly, Alexis Vega He was the best player in Mexican national team In the tokyo olympics, Which may interest some European teams.

It must be remembered that months ago, several media reported that the striker chivas He was being closely followed on the Old Continent. His performances did not go unnoticed, and some have revealed in the last hours that Porto He is interested in the 23-year-old.

In the event that Chivas sells Vega to another team, one of the biggest beneficiaries will be Toluca, recalling that a long time ago, according to Ignacio “Fantasma” Suarez, he revealed that the scarlet plaque kept a percentage of his message.

And it was Record that noted that ‘Los Diablos Rojos’ owns 20 per cent of his card, so if Chivas accepts the $10 million that the Portuguese team will offer, Toluca will take $2 million.


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