Chris Watts Is Still in Touch With Nichol Kessinger 


Chris Watts pleaded guilty to murdering his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts. The murders were the subject of a new Netflix documentary.

Find out where he is today after being found guilty in court for three counts of murder by strangling and smothering to death his wife and children.
Where Is He Now?

Watts is currently incarcerated at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin. In March 2021, it was reported by The Daily Mail that Nichol Kessinger (the mistress he killed his family for) was back in touch with him three years after changing her identity and disappearing from the public eye

Colorado inmate David Carter told a local newspaper that Shanann Watts had indicated she wanted to talk with her husband, Chris Watts, before their scheduled serial in appeal.

Why Did He Murder His Own Family?

Watts told author Cherlyn Cadle in 2019, “If I had not met Nikki, I would never have killed my family.”

He went so far as to try and cause Nichol to miscarry their son Nico by giving her the powerful painkiller Oxycodone after Nichol told him she wanted to give him his first son.

What Was His Sentence?

Watts was sentenced to five life sentences in November 2018 for the murder of his wife and their two daughters.

Former Colorado resident Chris Watts has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing his pregnant wife Shanann and their young daughters Bella and Celeste.

Watts had just endured a 15-week pregnancy when he killed his wife.

What Info Does the Documentary Share?

Chris Watts was sentenced earlier this week to life in prison for killing his wife and their young daughters.

The Netflix documentary, which was released last month, features recordings from law enforcement, shocking text messages, and videos from the apparent idyllic life of the family before Chris’ confession.

“I want his story of a woman who went from going through one of life’s darkest times to the best thing that’s ever happened to her,” Shanann said in a heartbreaking throwback video.

Watts and Shanann were messaging each other about dinner plans before the slaying, according to text messages revealed in Netflix’s documentary series. What kind of vegetables do you want with dinner tonight? she wrote him that fateful day.

Just days before her murder, Shanann had told Watts about their son’s pending birth and was excited that she felt love for him again.


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