Believe it or not, we are living in a world governed by social media. Everyone trying to make a living on this platform is thirsty for an audience. To win the survival battle one must know how to increase engagement on social media. The major mistake one does is to randomly post content on the platform. This will not shower you with target audiences. So what do we do? Perfect timing is essential for thriving here. Gone are the days where you keep a journal and plan your schedule for the posts. We are halfway through the battle once we realize we need to invest in social automation tools. Using content calendar tools is the best way to get your work done. The market is flooded with social media calendars and choosing one that fits best for your needs can be a task. This is where we come to your help, in this article we will be comparing two of the best content calendar tools, ContenCal and Loomly.


Loomly, the creation of social media managers Thibaud Clement and Noemie Clement, earlier named Calendy, aims to smoothly run the process. This social media calendar helps in planning, scheduling, and publishing content proving to be a comprehensive kit. Loomly also presents you with post inspiration and designs. 


ContenCal invented by a London social media marketing agency is the perfect tool for all your marketing activities. This tool enables you to see all the detailed visuals on the editorial calendar. The feature ‘Approval workflows’ enables you and your team to work on the created and scheduled content. It is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube, and many more.

Comparing the features of ContenCal and Loomly

Usability of Loomly

If you are someone who values simplicity above visually striking, then Loomly is relatively better. It is beginner-friendly with a six-step building process that involves naming to scheduling your posts. You can also skip these steps by using the Quick Post feature available. You can easily make Post Templates to make recurring posts. You can handle your responses and communications from across your accounts using the Interaction Tab. Loomly also enables you to scale your performance with analytics.

Usability of ContentCal

ContentCal has a lot of handy tips to explore and a detailed Help Centre to aid any doubts or grievances. Primarily you need to add your accounts, users, and user permissions and then you are set to begin creating content in a visual calendar layout. You can send the posts for approval if needed. You can easily figure out whether a post is pending, approved, or failed since each post is color-coded. You can reorganize content quickly using the drag and drop feature. It is a massive time-saver as it allows organizing your marketing activity easily as compared to multiple spreadsheets and logins. With the help of the ContentCal Respond feature, you can keep track of all mentions, comments, and many more. The software is very easy to use and equally efficient in scheduling content. 

Strengths of Loomly

The post ideas calendar assists you to keep a track of holidays and events and also grants you post ideas. The software gives helpful hints and scores that will help you to learn about post-optimization. You can schedule across multiple platforms with Loomly making it effortless to cross-post. Loomly provides 24/7 online assistance, access to clients for approval. All images and videos are stored in a content library where important links or texts can be saved. You can narrow down your target audience based on your need and manage social media advertisements. The price plans are affordable and offer you many choices according to your requirement. 

Strengths of ContentCal

It is one of the easiest to use marketing calendar software in the market. The layouts are so colorful and fancy. Freelancers and agencies looking for Calendars where you can share work and store content, the Content Hub Library serves them well to plan future posts and scale the responses. The single inbox feature maximizes social interaction on the post and draws attention to every message and comment. The contributions feature lets the team propose ideas and outlines with custom forms. During working hours, any query of the customer is addressed within minutes. Pricing options are affordable and billed monthly. 

Shortcomings of Loomly

The ‘build a post’ feature is best for beginners, however, for advanced marketers, it is time-consuming and unnecessary. There is no variety in analytics, similar analytics can be found in social media platforms. The feature to directly share from Instagram is missing. It also provides very little combination.

Shortcomings of ContentCal

The analytics could be improved and detailed to defer from that existing in social media platforms. You have to collaborate with tools to post content on Instagram. The software needs to improve in scheduling video content. The reporting details can be improved. 

The Loomly scheduling tool is no doubt a software that will increase growth on social media. It is a step up from the other content calendar tools available. Content Cal is comparatively easier to use and provides amazing features for organizing posts. These are the two undefeated social media calendar tools today and your choice solely depends on your business requirement and budget.


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