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In all the societies of the world, racism is something that is not praised, and it is discouraged. Coronado Golf Course Roger Miller event will help you understand that racism is something that tends to start a war. Therefore a person should not go for it at any cost. It tends to increase community gaps and develop hate between individuals and groups.

In the past, racism has been used by people to initiate wars between certain groups. Thus we can say that it has toxic tendencies, and a person should stay away from it. But now and then, we come across the details of certain events that help us deduce that the matter of racism is increasing with every passing day, and the public is becoming subjected to it.

To put a full stop to such events, we must go through all such events and their details to make sure that at the end of the day, there is not a single fact left.

The event details

It was actually an event that took place between an Asian couple and Roger miller and his wife. Although there are different perspectives to the story, if we present the unbiased version to you, we will know that it took place in a shopping mall where an Asian couple was shopping just like the regular days. During their shopping, a couple passed by, sharing racist remarks. Since the comments were shared by making eye contact, therefore there was no doubt about the addressee.

The racist comments

The racist couple said that “Oooh, COVID will find you”. This was not the only one. They also said that these Chinese people had spread COVID. Such comments were very embarrassing for the Asian couple, especially amongst the general public.

Repeated insult

They tried to ignore them, and even during this, they witnessed the couple talking among themselves and sharing racing comments regarding the Asian couple. The racist couple deliberately kept the voice loud for the Asian couple to hear, which was very embarrassing.

Matter getting out of hands

Later, the matter got out of hand when the racist couple started sharing comments regarding an Asian couple passing by with a baby. They even shared racist comments regarding that family too. This was outrageous, and it was of the utmost importance that they were confronted.

The Confrontation

When the Asian couple confronted them, the racist couple felt no shame in their actions. Also, they were hilariously arrogant and kept on defending their actions.  It was good of the Asian Couple to record all the details.

A clear message

Also, if we take a look, we will come to know that the video also helps us understand that after this bitter event when the racist couple was driving away, they also showed the middle finger. The message is clear, and they wanted to ensure that the Asian couple felt their words.

The Identification

Once the video started circulating on the internet, the world discouraged the actions of the racist couple, and people started sharing their views on this event. Later, it was observed that the famous social media tracer ThatDaneshGuy located the person in the video and identified him as the Director of recreating and golf services in Coronado.

The career profile

If we take a look at the personal profile of the famed recreation director, then we will come to know that he was appointed to this post in 2015. Since then, he has been making quite some noise, and in the past, he has also worked at important posts.

The money in the bank

The fact that will surprise you the most is that during these days, the famous recreating director made a total sum of $200,000. This is some sweet money. Thus, we can say that he was not sitting idle. Also, the attitude might be because of the money in his bank account that made him arrogant.

The Resignation

A person should always be ready to taste the aftermath, and especially if we talk about the person in question Roger Miller, we will come to know that there are several pieces of news that help us understand the fact that the famous recreating director has resigned from the post.


There was an investigation started under his name to make sure that he gets served the best. What makes it more dreadful is the fact that when the person shooting the video asked the famous Roger miller that are these words intended for him, then he said, “Yeah, maybe, could be”/

 Relieving From The Duties

To ensure that the bar of justice is uplifted, it was of the utmost importance that the famous Roger miller was relieved from his duties. Thus according to available details, she was put on administrative leave to ensure that the accusations were answered instantly. A person must also be ready for the consequences of his or her actions. Similarly, if we talk about the racist wife, then we will come to know that she had a job at Linfield Christian School. But due to the aftermath of this event, she was also terminated from the job, and she really got served right.

The 6 Months Period 

Now you might be wondering why to place a racist on administrative leave instead of terminating him. Thus, if we go through the details, we will know that it is actually because of the rules. According to the available details, the municipal code has some rules for the executive employees to go on administrative leave for 90 days. Also, once everything has passed, there is a six-month severance too that should also be observed. So after 6 months, he will surely be terminated.


Coronado Golf Course Roger Miller has even helped us understand that a person who ignites a fire also gets heat from it. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the couple who shared the racist remarks is going through the toughest time of their lives. This is a true calling.

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