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Photography enthusiasts across the world keep exploring new features and equipment to take photography to next level. Recently, a high functioning monocular is launched with prism technology that allows capturing the moments precisely with small detailing. The technology used in the monocular enhances the photography experiences with little efforts and you don’t have to invest in the high-end devices and gadgets for capturing clear and crisp images. It is called Cosmic Scope, featuring super zoom technology and advanced prism technology to offer optimal viewing details from miles away.

It is the 40/60 monocular telescope designed using the military grade prism technology and it is device for enthusiasts who want to capture crystal clear images from far away distance. The monocular telescope comes with many advanced features which will be discussed below in their post.

What is Cosmic Scope?

Cosmic Scope is the advanced digital camera monocular designed using military grade technologies for capturing clear images with all detailing. Cosmic Scope is the monocular lens kit designed to capture the beautiful memories using your Smartphone. You are not required to invest in the high-end gadgets and devices for capturing images of objects in far distances when you have the Cosmic Scope. It comes with adjustable tripod that is available with the kit and it makes handling the camera lens easily and precisely.

Regardless of the object and distance of the object, you can now capture clear and crisp images using the 300X zoom of the monocular lens. It comes with effective zooming capacity that can bring the object at far distance closure for crisp and clear images. Besides, the technology used in the monocular lens kit helps in removing blur from the images when capturing with your Smartphone.

Who is This For?

Cosmic Scope is the advanced and stylish mobile monocular lens kit designed for ideal and precise photography with your Smartphone. It allows capturing incredible images of wildlife, nature and moments, irrespective of their distance. Whether you are moving or at outdoor picnic, you can capture and grab beautiful moments of life with this HD quality monocular lens kit.

The camera lens is designed to capture targeted images, movements, and even colours with detailing with bright and stark clarity using the 10× super zoom function. The monocular lens also feature multi-folded lens to reduce the glare with the anti-reflective compounds.


  • Telescope Lens – 4K HD Lens
  • Type – Monocular Camera Lens Kit
  • Support – All Mobile Devices and Smartphone
  • Zoom – 300× Zooming capacity
  • Adjustment – Tripod stand for adjusting the lens          

Benefits of Using Cosmic Scope

  • Profitable and lightweight camera lens kit
  • The monocular lens come with O-Rings 100% purged lens in nitrogen, making it waterproof, fog and dust resistant
  • Offers a stable grip in rain water as it features ergonomic grip pads
  • The monocular lens is compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • Prevents the glares using the multi colored, anti-reflective lens
  • Available with enhanced optic quality and refractivity quality
  • The lens expand, allowing to view scenes clearly  
  • Allows you to capture images with your Smartphone without blur and reflection

How the Cosmic Scope Works?

As mentioned, the Cosmic Scope is the military grade monocular lens for Smartphone and it works with your Smartphone. It is the modern camera lens kit with high-powered zoom capacity to capture images in HD quality. It works to beautify the images and scenes you captured on your Smartphone. You have to grip the lens kit and get it closure to your eyes to view and experience the moments of nature and wildlife and capture beautiful images without reflection and blur.

The monocular lens work to capture distanced scenes, regardless of the weather conditions as it can snap images even in water as it is water resistant and dust resistant. The camera lens kit comes with 300× zoom capacity to magnify the images and objects and bring them closure for clear and crisp images with highest clarity. The tripod stand keeps your device still and it allows you to capture the images clearly without making it blur.

Features of Cosmic Scope!

  • Magnification – The monocular is capable of capturing HD quality images because of the larger zoom capacity. It comes with 300× zooming capacity to bring an object at 30 miles closure for crisp and clear photography. The larger zoom capacity allows capturing even the small detailing of the images.
  • Improved FOW – The monocular comes with improvised field of view. FOW is the visible, open area that you can see using the telescopic lens. The scope allows capturing 45% of light as its objective lens measure is 50mm. It is capable of expanding the view and see the objects closure.
  • Multi-Coated Lenses – The monocular lens is designed with fully multi-coated lens with anti-reflective elements to prevent the glares and reflection in images and prevents brightness from getting blocked.
  • BAK4 Porro Prism Optics – It is the monocular lens comprising Porro Prism and it is made of high density glass called BAK4. The lens has the capacity to create round exist pupil while viewing the objects via this scope.
  • Weather/Water/Fog/Dust/Shockproof – The monocular scope is designed by using CAD/CNC standards and it ensures robustness of the lens regardless of the weather conditions. The monocular scope is 100% nitrogen purged and it is sealed hermetically sealed by O-Ring to prevent the moisture and dust sweeping inside the lens.    
  • Ergonomic Grip – It ensures proper grip while capturing images and the rubberized pads embedded with cylinder for steady grip ensure clear image capturing without making the images blur.
  • Fully Compatible – The monocular lens is compatible with different devices and Smartphone models. So, whether you have an Android or Apple device, you can equip the lens to have a clear image every time. It is easy to mount and attached to the camera lens for clear and crisp images.
  • Portable and Lightweight – The lens kit is portable and lightweight and it weighs on 320 grams and it makes the lens kit portable and lightweight.   

How Cosmic Scope is Better Than Other Monocular Lens?

As mentioned, Cosmic Scope comes with many advanced features and designed using military grade lens for clear and crisp images with every detail. The advanced functions of the lens make it stand out from the crowd of other bulky gadgets. Some of the features that make Cosmic Scope stand out from the crowd are:

  • It allows capturing HD quality images because of the super zoom capacity of the lens
  • It has the ability to offer crisp and clear images
  • Lens allow to see incredible scenes, nature and moments with super zoom quality
  • The monocular lens allow capturing objects at far distance using Smartphone and there is no need of any high-end devices 


1. Can it be Used in Foggy Conditions?

Yes, the lens of Cosmic Scope is designed with high end technology and it ensures Cosmic Scope to work even in foggy conditions to capture crisp images. The monocular lens is water resistant and fog resistant

2. Is It Compatible with Smartphone?

Yes, Cosmic Scope is compatible with all Smartphone models. It is easy to use and you can equip it with your Smartphone to capture images at far distance. 

3. What is the Technology Used in Cosmic Scope?

Cosmic Scope monocular lens kit is designed with military grade technology. It comes with BAK4 Prism Technology and it makes the lens dust and water proof.

What Users Have to Say About Cosmic Scope?

 Cosmic Scope is a huge clientele across the world and many users have appreciated the telescope lens kit for its amazing performance and features. Some of the users have shared their views in the online reviews.

  • Jolly said that he is amazed to see the clear images captured using the Cosmic Scope. He would recommend the telescope lens kit to all enthusiasts who want to capture clear and crisp images with their Smartphone.
  • Naomi said after purchasing the monocular lens kit, she is amazed to see the quality of images. She is capable of capturing clear images without blur and reflection and it is possible with Cosmic Scope. 
  • Joe from America said that Cosmic Scope is the innovative lens kit that helps capturing amazing pictures and images. After using it, he is capable of capturing images of far away objects clearly and with highest precision.

What is the Return Policy and Pricing?

After evaluating, we have found that the cost of the Cosmic Scope is $200 and the lens kit comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with performance of the lens kit, you may ask for a refund and you will get the money back with no question asked.

Where to Buy Cosmic Scope?

If you are interested in capturing HD quality with your Smartphone, you have to buy the Cosmic Scope lens kit online directly from its official website. There is no other source from where one can buy the lens kit other than its official website. 


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