Couchtuner is a place that people knew from a long time for TV shows streaming. However, People are asking questions about it’s legality, issues or server down problems and many more others.

It achieves startling for people who admire to watch TV shows online. This streaming platform allows some prominent services to watch series online. In the contemporary time, People want video content in HD and free or without sign up.

In the present, there is couchtuner2 existed as a mirror site of the main page on the internet.  You will get the desired data regarding couch tuner, and it’s appropriate alternatives.


It is an online stage where you can encounter every episode of TV shows that are gushed online and offline. This site is the most pre-eminent platform in the world to watch TV series online without any sign-up and zero assessment. Couchtuner never delays the episodes because of their admin update it every day.

Couch Tuner carries a more critical database full of old and new episodes of favorite TV shows. In my opinion, These streaming sites hold each show you crave to watch this year.

The primary focus of these sites are inundation means you will find each episode that is streamed on physical television in the last two or three day ago.

It keeps a mediocre search bar and an adequate menu bar with some obliging classes like most used, new releases and trending shows.

Is Couchtuner Safe

It is not a safe option for the people who do not use the ad blocker or VPN. You need to require these both items to secure your privacy and system to the numerous online threats.

In case, you belong to the countries where this site available as an illegal distributor of copyright data then you need to aware with it and save your self to any legal action against you.

To know more legal terms and issues, the user can first read the privacy policies of the TV show site that will help you to understand more process of these similarities streaming sites.

Couchtuner 2.0 (new version)

The main site is blocked in many portions of the world due to the presence of some legal content on the website. After getting the ban, the admin of this site removed the various files that were creating issues for them. ‘

Now, Couchtuner 2.0 is launched with similar functionality but different conditions on the internet. You can use this website as an alternative of the main website in the present time.

It is collected some old shows in their database with the classic user interface similar to the old version. The user can watch their new TV series with the help of this website.

I always consider this page as an upgraded 2.0 version as a mirror of the main website because, in numerous parts of the world, any user can stream the original web pages. In present people are using ecouchtuner as a place to stream all the shows.

Top Sites Like Couchtuner

These Choices are administering such assistance to help people easily access latest episodes and cartoons. Some people suggest these options to watch free movies unblocked, Series and other stuff on the internet.

I am a boastful supporter of couch tuner like sites and evermore want to share them with my compatriots so they can gain their famous episodes and essence. In my belief, Couchtuner is never a corrupt option to access online TV episodes for free.

So, You nevermore be late to adopt these sites and determine your favorable content. Many websites endeavor some services similar to the real site, but their databases are not as notable as it. Nevertheless, I see pages that are nearby to the Couchtuner and the more meaningful competitors of couch tuner in the functional market.

I can say they are not some directory sites, or promotional blogs, and some movie sites. These websites like the main place are filled with some intense and quality TV content with overall availability. In this list, I gather exclusively those websites which used by online TV series addicted people.

There are many forums, question-answer sites also used to find them by my team member. So read the full content and then choose which option is right for your requirement.

Now, You demand to check the best of these choices for the online stream. In this content, I will notice about the immeasurable option that conserves the businesses similar to it.

1#) Series9


Series9 is a distinct website or a research engine to watch fantastic TV shows online. On the Home Page of this section, you get a search bar to uncover data according to your specification. Seek your tv shows there and tick on entering to go on the page where content endures.

After the search, the website takes you to your episode video where you require to agree on the play button, and the video will commence. To execute these things you do not demand any login and sign up there.

A login button also subsists at series9 website for the user who fancies accumulating their searches and other principles for future.

Series9 also carries a variety database of movies also that also deliver it a part of the sites like couchtuner for movies and TV shows.

2#) ProjectFreeTV


This Site is a classic and adorable place to live stream TV shows online. On this website, you can perceive the two search bar on the right side of the site. These search bars employed to search TV shows and movies on Projectfreetv.

ProjectFreeTV nurtures the handy menu bar options like TV shows, a-z shows and freshly added or others.

There is one more option for divisions like adventure, comedy prepared in the right sidebar of it. In this website, No sign up obliged to follow TV shows similar to the place Couchtuner. It is a top-class alternative to the real source and offers you similar services on the list.

3#) WatchEpisodes


WatchEpisodes is a different and unique example of the site where you can watch online series and episodes in free.

The User Interface of this web page is delightful to practice and navigate. This website extends you the option of browse series, new series, and popular series. It will nevermore mislead you with the update speed of their database.

New episode uploads on this folio as soon after the deliverance of that episode on TV. Hence, I always view out WatchEpisodes a prominent competitor of Couch Tuner in modern days. In this website, you can notice the review of people about the episode that assists you to choose the new content.

There is the selection of register and login endure, but you do not miss to make such kind of thing access to data. Watch episodes are also used as a platform to watch unblocked TV shows.

4#) OnDareWatch

Ondarewatch comprises a bulky database of TV shows for people who addicted to TV series and their episodes. It is a very optimized website for brand-new people who start to see the TV shows online because of its tangible navigation and availability of content.

I can not see any place this big which is used to watch the series online. On the home page, you know the list of developed episodes that uploaded ondarewatch web. There is no necessity for any registration and stuff if you are not interested in connecting with this place.

The plus point in the site is the choice of forums and latest movies for guys who want to use it a permanent option for couchtuner.

5#) Cucirca


Cucirca is a trendy place to watch TV content on your mobile and PC. It keeps the material in extraordinary nature and never diminishes down their system. You do not need to do anything extra and creative to use this place. There is a simple User interface, exploration option and menu navigation option to help you every time.

As like couch tuner, this place offers a large number of English, Japanese TV shows with some anime kind of stuff. No need of registration is a plus point also of this site for numerous folks. I can say, it is the familiar, conspicuous competitor of couchtuner main site in modern days.

You never miss this option if you are seriously looking for alternatives for your long-term use to watch anime and TV episodes online.

6#) Series Cravings


This couch tuner alternative is not a meaningful element like Projectfreetv and other decision, but it is an effect in some region of the world for folks to full fill their empty time.

As my suggestion, every user needs to check this site if you are viewing for fresh TV content and episodes. In other cases, this site is not wrong but not that big to find every episode of series.

The user can see the TV schedule of many channels at Series Craving site. So, this site has a place in locations similar to a real places to find the latest episodes of English TV shows online.

7#) WatchSeries


WatchSeries is also my personal favorite in case of free similar sites. There is a reasonable search option for people who are not getting their TV series on the home page.

It caches some authentic menu element in the left sidebar of the website which helps you to watch drama, anime, movies and most rated TV shows. So, these all title makes it a great contender for the best site like couch tuner.

At some places, you need to register, and at some, no sign up required to watch your episodic data.

8#) Tubi


Tubi is a standard option in the container of these choices for online shows at zero cost. The user needs to register on it before accessing their video content. It is also available on the platform like Android, iOS, and windows or many more.

So, these choices offer you some plus point as an alternative option. This website came with a luxurious design and looked. So, people who want to see a site with some great interface then go for this option.

9#) Global TV


This option is a massive hit among the folks who love to watch TV shows on their personal computer and mobile. Global TV acquires a comprehensive database of shows, online series and another kind of same stuff. This website is distinguished for talk shows and other stand up comedy series.

This place filled with some different kind of data that exists for people who love stand up, talk shows, interviews and others. I am not saying that global TV does not contain some think standard as games of Thrones, Breaking Bad kind of shows.

Global TV is a favorite place of mine to watch every kind of series, and I rate it a classic example of websites like couch tuner.

10#) 123Movies

123movies is likewise used as a spot to view movies online. However, I utilize this website countless times to find TV shows and similar kind of stuff.

It is an immeasurable looking website with the selections as popular, features, top-rated and a to z.

This alternative offers free content and the latest movies, and TV shows free and without sign up. Many people also add it in websites like couchtuner for film type of searches.

So, never miss this kind of website to watch the latest episodes and movies this year.

11#) CMovies

Cmovies gives me an excellent experience for any data I used on their website. It never gives broken, unplayable and non HD content for people who love entertainment content.

It’s user interface is more similar to the 123movies or site and properties is the exact match of that website. Cmovies cover the latest TV shows’ episodes and much other stuff. It focuses on the user experience and content quality that always matters for many users in current days.

12#) Hdpopcorns

Hdpopcorns is a trending option or web page where people easily find TV and movie things on the internet. My friends always love this site to see HD movies but from some 4 to 6 months it is also giving the TV data, and I want to add it in this list of some fantastic sites like couch tuner.

You can use their search bar to find your TV shows and online series you want to access online. HD popcorns is also a player of the team of sites like couch tuner but for movies in the current time.


Some people call this website with the mainframe and my couchtuner. So, Guys, I think you chose an option from this list and now enjoyed the TV shows on the internet. Please comment below to share your thoughts and like or share my content on social media.


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