Crypto Gaming Is Now The New Norm 


The graphics developed by the software providers are so great that it instantly grabs players’ attention. It’s easy to become hooked when you get to experience a new and exciting world through just the game itself. 

To have an enjoyable gaming experience, play on websites that are user friendly, have many different types of payment methods and the best possible games from top providers.

Top gaming companies such as Casumo casino, has cracked the code to what players need, where the new trend seems to be, Crypto Gaming This new form of gaming has taken the world by storm, but what exactly is it? How exactly do we play with Crypto? And finally, is this the new way to play?Below, we’ve answered some of your questions.

Crypto Gaming: Is it Worth it?

This is an example of how the traditional model of items and other collectables works in video games. Crypto Gaming outshines its older sibling with new games and tricks – pun intended.

Unlike the traditional model of gaming, Crypto Gaming assigns real value to in-game collectables and allows the player to carry the collectables anywhere.

 Crypto Gaming is the equivalent of buying and owning a batmobile, or something else exciting.. Yes, it’s possible to own all the things you’ve dreamt of or seen on the big screen, but in digital form.

All these digital things might not be real in life, but they’re real in value. For example, the game, CryptoKitties, is a Tamagotchi inspired game that sees its player buy and raise a cat for all eternity, unless, of course, the owner sells it.

A kitty was sold for as much as around $117,000. This should be enough to make any of us want to find out more about cryptocurrency regulations. Who thought it would be possible to become rich on a Tamagotchi kitty, what a time to be alive!

Will this become the new norm of gaming?  On the one hand, cat-loving people are probably losing their minds, and are excited to get in on this money-making kitty game.

On the other hand, serious hardcore gamers are still divided on where they stand on this perhaps strange and new frontier.

Remember, although paying for extra game content isn’t anything new. In the crypto market, the advantage here is that people are getting something of real value but in digital form.

It could be worth reading more into the crypto market and improving our knowledge, as Crypto Gaming seems to be here to stay.

This might indeed become the new norm for gaming for some of us. After all, who here hasn’t had the life dream of getting paid to raise a virtual kitten.


The idea of merging gaming into reality has always been a fantasy for most of us, and why not? Who else didn’t feel excited like a child in the opening of the movie, Ready Player One? And why was that? Because in a world where gaming meets reality, where hours spent grinding for rare gear in games matters, the idea of crypto gaming being able to have to pay us in real value, certainly seems rewarding.


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