Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 Romances Now Includes Panam Nudes 


Cyberpunk 2077 there’s a lot of sex scenes and they’re all extremely lewd. Instead of adding more of that, patch 1.5 has opted for a more refined approach when it comes to expanding the game’s romance options. Except in the case of Panama. The Aldecaldos nomad will now send you nude photos.

“Have these from Panama ” Written a player on Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit earlier this week after Rampant updates have appeared online. Below is a selfie of Panam in the bathroom with the caption: “What are you doing? I’m about to go to the bathroom, thinking of you…: * “Players can respond with one of two sentences” Feeling dirty? Think there’s room for two…? ” or my favorite, “Panaaaam. I can tell you are bored. “Finally, open world realism.

Panam’s nude-lite is part of a small overhaul to Cyberpunk 2077the romance of the characters, offering additional text conversations, some additional dialogue with voice acting, and the chance to actually wake up next to them in the morning and relax. Small editsbut players raced to try to unlock them.

In another example, instead of sending nudes, brave technician Judy put you in contact with her grandmother. Judy told her about V and she wants to judge you for herself. Tell her that you spend most of your time trying not to die and she will thank you for your honesty. “I find this adorable as hell,” Written one player.

Kerry and Rivers, Cyberpunk 2077The two men’s romance has also received some extra touches, though still appearing more naked than their counterparts. The former rockerboy will give you something sentimental, while the ex-cop will hang out with you on the couch in your apartment. Players are still hunting for other details, but for now it seems the developers are still treating them as second-level relationships. So far, Panam seems to be the only one on the way to start creating OnlyFans accounts, and so far haven’t had any dodgy images beyond the problem returns from the game launch.


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