DangoBuds Reviews: Scam Earbuds?


DangoBuds is your lifestyle choice for the best musical and communication experience on the move. There are so many activities where a pair of wireless earbuds come in handy. Whether you’re running errands to the store or commuting around the city.

You’re getting in your last set of squats at home with your kettlebells. It’s at this moment that your right earbud dies – right as you need the motivation to get out of the hole. Without Nicki Minaj popping off “Yikes” in your ear, how will you finish off your workout?

Our modern lifestyle means we need a wireless earbud experience; wired earplugs are so 2019. Today, Bluetooth technology is affordable for manufacturers to include in a variety of tech products. DangoBuds are the next step in Bluetooth wireless performance for in-ear headphone systems.

These revolutionary DangoBuds earbuds feature the specs of leading brands like the AirPods II, without the heavy price tag (News – Alert). In this DangoBuds reviews, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about this high-performance Bluetooth setup for your communication and entertainment.

What are DangoBuds?

DangoBuds are a breakthrough in Bluetooth listening technology, available right now for your portable entertainment and communication system. With DangoBuds, you get serious audio performance, coupled with stylish looks.

With our DangoBuds reviews, we had the time to examine the offering from this revolutionary listening system. From taking calls when we’re shopping to listening to our top tracks in the gym – we put the DangoBuds wireless earbuds through its paces in a variety of our everyday chores and errands.

The result is a new contender for the top title of the best earbuds. We can honestly say the DangoBuds are a contender compared to the big players like the AirPods Pro and the Sony WF-1000XM3.

DangoBuds Specs and Facts

When unboxing your DangoBuds, we know the tech-heads want to know about the specs as much as the experience and performance. Surprisingly, the DangoBuds feature all the top specs of leading brands like the AirPods Pro.


?        Active Noise Cancellation                     

DangoBuds ?                         Airpods Pro ?

?        Sweat and water resistant         

DangoBuds ?                         Airpods Pro ?

?        Battery life (listening)                

DangoBuds 4.5 hrs                 Airpods Pro 4.5 hours            

?        Bluetooth 5.0

DangoBuds ?                         Airpods Pro ?

?        Wireless Charging case                                     

DangoBuds ?                         Airpods Pro ?

?        Coverage                                               

DangoBuds 10m/33ft              Airpods Pro 10m/33ft

?        Price                                                      

DangoBuds  $159.98 Only $79.99               Airpods Pro $329

Our favorite feature with the DangoBuds is the introduction of the Active Noise-Canceling (ANC) functionality. When activating ANC, you cut the incoming sounds, ensuring you get an uninterrupted listening experience as all DangoBuds reviews confirm.

If you enjoy traveling, Active Noise Cancelling technology (ANC) will change the way you experience the situation. Boring flights and train trips are a thing of the past. You have in-ear entertainment with your earbuds, but the ANC provides a peaceful night’s sleep.

DangoBuds comes with dual microphone technology, connecting to calls on your device. Use the microphones to activate SIRI or Google (News – Alert) Assistant to complete a handsfree task on the move.

The Bluetooth 5.0 in DangoBuds features a 5-second drop. Therefore, you never have to worry about losing the connection to your buds again. With the drop, your DangoBuds reconnect automatically, providing a seamless transmission.

The 65mAh Li-polymer battery setup comes with a wireless charging case. The case delivers enough charge to the 5V/550mAh Li-polymer battery for 77-hours of further standby power. With 33-foot connectivity, you’ll have total control over your entertainment and communication, wherever you are in the world.

The DangoBuds come in a stylish black or white case, with a complete accessory kit, featuring USB charging, and replaceable 6mm ear tips.

How Do DangoBuds Work?

The DangoBuds offer a fantastic audio experience, all DangoBuds reviews say. Whether you’re listening to music on the subway or taking a call walking through the park – they offer the user top performance in a variety of environments. With the DangoBuds, you get a form-factor that’s even more slimline than the Sony WX1000XM3, with a better feel in-ear.

The sound from these buds is incredible, with clarity and roundness, and not too much bass to drown out the sound. If you’re a fan of pop, country, and classic rock music, these earphones will be a great choice.

The adaptive sound experience from these earbuds allows you to switch profiles automatically when taking calls. You get full wireless control over your listening experience. The buds offer you tap-control over the volume, track selection, and pause/play without needing to go to your device.

The buds are fantastic for taking incoming calls and alerting you of calls and messages while listening to other media. The DangoBuds have a good fit, and throughout the testing, we experienced no issues with the earbuds falling out. They have a snug, but not overbearing fit, and won’t bother you for hours.

What are the Pros of DangoBuds?

?        Excellent form-factor for comfortable in-ear fit

?        Active Noise-Canceling (ANC) functionality

?        Fast and stable No-Drop connectivity to your mobile device with Bluetooth 5.0

?        Smart HD calls featuring restored, life-like sounds

?        Extensive standby battery life, up to 77-hours

?        Charging case included

?        Wireless charging capability

?        Complete accessory kit included with your purchase

?        Effortless control with finger-touch easy operation

?        Affordable price point

What are the Cons of DangoBuds?

?        Earbuds are on promotion at time of testing; the price might increase shortly

?        They are available only online

Final Verdict – Are DangoBuds the Best Wireless Earbuds?

The DangoBuds are top performers in the wireless earbud category, all DangoBuds reviews can attest. Considering the DangoBuds earbuds price, we think they deserve serious consideration for your next set of earbuds. The DangoBuds give you all the same functionality of the top leading brands, without the hefty price tag.

With DangoBuds, you can pick up a spare set or two, and still have cash left over to spend at the iStore. The DangoBuds are the perfect addition to your EDC electronic setup, and a great choice for calls and listening to music. We recommend them for personal use, and the price is so affordable, they make excellent gifts as well.

Never worry about your old earbuds letting you down again. With the DangoBuds, you get a Money-Back Guarantee. The DangoBuds come with IPX7 water resistance to sweat and dust, as well as peak performance, with a clear sound. Order yours today and experience the DangoBuds audio revolution for yourself.

These powerful earbuds are available to purchase 


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