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David Sebastian Boyd is a Danish-American musician and dancer better known as the David Boyd Singer. He is famous for his previous band. In that band, he was a lead singer. He was a member of the New Politics, a Danish alternative rock band.

David was born to a Swedish mother and an Irish American father. He grew up where he was born, Copenhagen. He is also prominent for his breakdancing abilities. The singer featured prominently in Steen Koerner’s modern dance works and post-apocalyptic dance performance for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book.

When he’s on stage with his band, David is known for his unique dance techniques and a dance move he liked to call Boyding. It was a dancing technique he enjoyed doing; that wasn’t anything fancy; it simply had him balanced on his head. In 2009, he and his bandmates moved to Brooklyn, New York, for the first time.

He spent enough time in Brooklyn with his friends Louis and Jesse Leo at the Heartland brewery. Because they spent a long time at Heartland, their song Harlem was first performed there. Boyd revealed to the world in March 2017 that he and his fiancée were expecting a kid.

Christian Serratos, an American actress, was his girlfriend. On May 14, 2017, his girlfriend posted a photo of their child on her Instagram page. Christian also said that she and Boyd were married.

David Boyd Wiki

David Boyd, both Danish and American, is one of those mixed-race vocalists. He was given the title David Sebastian Boyd when he was born on February 6, 1988, in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is well-known today because he was the lead singer of the Danish alternative rock band New Politics. His break dancing abilities are also well-known. He is a talented dancer who created his form of dancing, Boyding, which he called after himself.

David’s age, birth date, height, and body weight

In the city of Copenhagen, Mr. Boyd was born in Denmark on February 6, 1988. David is 33 years old, and the year is 2021. He is notorious for never missing a birthday party, as he celebrates his new age on February 6 every year. Boyd is a man of average height, standing at 5 feet and 8 inches tall, or 1.73 meters. He is 70 kilograms in weight.

Parents and Siblings of David Boyd

As previously stated, Boyd’s mother is a Swedish or Danish woman who married an American man. Boyd was born in Copenhagen and spent his childhood there as well. There have been numerous searches to learn more about David Boyd’s family; nevertheless, the names of his parents and siblings are unknown.

Wife and Child of David Boyd

David Boys is committed, but he also has a child with his American actress wife, a really beautiful baby girl. His wife is a well-known actress in the United States; she portrays Rosita Espinosa in The Walking Dead’s popular television series.

His wife appears in this series, which is called after the book they get their story. Christian Serratos is her name, and this is her biggest role in the film industry so far.

She has a role as the Tejano queen in the series Selena and her role in The Walking Dead. Boyd and Serratos came out to announce that they were expecting their first child, a daughter they named Wolfgang Serratos Boyd.

Career as a Singer

In 2009, David Sebastian Boyd and his pals Louis Vecchio and Soren Hansen formed the rock band. They formed their band in their home country of Denmark, where they grew up. New Politics was the name they had given the band.

The band began with four members, with Poul Amaliel serving as the fourth. He was in the band when they first started, but he left the next year. It was back when the band was still in the early stages of formation. According to what we know, they collaborated on several albums and singles that were quite popular among children and teenagers.

Harlem was the name of their debut single, which was released in 2013. They then released the song Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. They began by releasing an album in 2010 titled New Politics, which was the band’s moniker.

In 2013, they released the album A terrible girl in Harlem, followed by Vikings in 2015, Lost in Translation in 2017, and an invite to an alternate reality in 2019. David serves as the lead vocalist and a dancer when the band performs live shows and events.

His dancing skills are spectacular, and he is well-known for his signature step, which he does right before an event comes to a close. He also does the heads, which he refers to as “Boyding.” He named it for himself, and he generally refers to it as Head Boyding. He’s currently on his own and has released a Stay or Walk Away track.

A Career in Acting

David Sebastian Boyd is best recognized for his portrayal as a prominent supporting character in The Walking Dead’s television series. Angela Kang and Frank Darabont are the creators and producers of this series.

His first appearance on the program was as a zombie in the seventh season. The irony is that his wife appears in this film, and she has a larger, more prominent role. Aside from his role in this picture, he has never been in another film or television series.

The Wife of David Boyd

Christian Serratos is her name. On September 21, 1990, Christian Serratos was born. She is an actress well-known as Rosita Espinosa in The Walking Dead television series. The show was based on a comic book with the same title as the movie. She has also appeared in other films. For example, she portrays Suzi Crabgrass in the Nickelodeon sitcom Ned’s declassified school survival guide. She also plays Angela Weber in the Twilight Saga series. Like Becca, I’m in a murder house. She played a Tejano singer in the Netflix series Selena, from 2020 to 2021.

David Boyd has still been composing his songs

David Boyd has opted not to call it quits just yet; he is still making songs, creating, and exploring new ways to share his skill. David used to be the songwriter for his band, New Politics, until they broke up. He could discern some things from the music that New Politics played most of the time because he was the band’s frontman. This was all about David Boyd Singer.

The band took a sabbatical once the pandemic swept the world, and David has since embarked on a solo career. After the breakup of his band, he released a song called No Regrets, which was his fourth song. As a solo performer, all songs of David Boyd Singer were expressive and dramatic.


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