Denim Shoes
Denim Shoes

I remember about six months ago, Richard wrote an article about some Jeans Boots. They were boots (kinda like Cowboy boots) made out of an old pair of jeans. It caused quite a stir, and people either seemed to think they were ultimately geeky or a horrible fashion mistake. Today I’m excited to follow those boots up with another wtf creation that is very similar. These are denim shoes, or sandals, made with vintage jeans.

These denim shoes are officially called Jeans Sandal Boots, and they are handmade by Etsy artist DaniKshoes (Danielle). Danielle makes each one of these pairs of denim shoes from an old pair of blue jeans. Each pair is slightly different, and even the pockets are useable. She even goes the extra mile and puts some sassy leopard linen on the inside. They are a little pricey at $125 – $145 per pair. But then again, if you look at the incredible detail in each one of these images, it seems like a fair price since I’m sure it takes her a lot of time to design each pair.

The question is, would you wear these? I would. There’s no question about it. I wear sandals all year round, and I’ve never owned a pair of denim shoes before. These would be a great conversation starter, and I’m sure nobody else I know would have a pair of shoes like this. They look really comfortable too. I haven’t been able to track down if Danielle also made the jeans boots that Richard wrote about a while back, but I bet she did. They look very similar to these denim shoes, and if you prefer that style, I betcha she could make a pair of those for you too. If nothing else, this shows us that there is a great use for those old jeans you’ll never wear again. If you’d like to see another way to recycle old jeans,


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