Dial up the drama with unexpected elements and design an outstanding kitchen


The quest for individuality in our houses leads us to unexpected choices. Is it good, is it bad? It is a courageous move not many have the audacity to make, so congratulations if you are one of those aiming to introduce “un-kitcheny” or non-conventional elements in your cooking space!

Have you ever considered incorporating upholstered seating, industrial lighting, or a statement brass range hood into your kitchen space, but the thought these could be out of place stops you from freeing your imagination? It should not be so! Such finishes actually make for a truly outstanding kitchen that goes beyond the conventional norms. Surely, there is nothing wrong with a classic design; as its name also suggests, it will always remain a reliable choice regardless of the room you are decorating. Nevertheless, if you wish for a vibrant, characterful place, we encourage you to explore non-traditional options of the likes mentioned below.

If you are considering going for the unexpected, we have rounded up some interesting ideas to inspire you. Read on for more.

Custom cabinets

You surely dream of a distinctive kitchen that impresses every guest crossing your threshold. Well, reaching your goal is not that hard; the secret lies in choosing the perfect cabinets. After all, cabinets are the very first thing someone sees when entering your cooking space, so make them worth every second of attention! We recommend opting for custom cabinets, as you can personalize them based on your preferences and needs.

Plus, there are some enticing benefits of personalized cabinets you may want to reap. Apart from the fact that they fit any kitchen shape, style, and size, they can increase storage capacity if chosen wisely. No one wants a crowded space where even the meal preparation becomes a burden, so if you are confronting the same issue, ensure you opt for bespoke cabinetry next time you are doing your reno. A custom maker can realize everything from open shelving to a dish rack, plus many bonus points – excellent quality, durability, and outstanding craftsmanship.

However, if you are more into standard cabinets, not a problem, all the more so since today’s manufacturers provide a wide range of standard units varying in finishes, hues, materials, and styles. So, even if they are more usual than tailored cabinets, standard kitchen units make for a clean design and aesthetics.

A blend of countertop materials

You may be tempted to choose granite as your main countertop material. And while we do not judge you for doing so (granite is great!), why not play a bit and mix multiple looks? Just imagine what a fuse of butcher block or wood and stone would look like! The choice is yours; you can opt for quartz, granite, or if your pocket allows, marble. This combination of materials will give your cooking space a unique contemporary flair with extra functionality.

Statement lighting

Incorporating lighting into your kitchen may feel daunting, all the more so if you want it to stand apart. In this case, it is a double-stressful job, but we assure you it is worth the energy. Some statement lighting ideas include pendants, chandeliers, globes, and flush mounts. After carefully determining the style of your kitchen, make a lighting choice suitable for each of your kitchen furnishes. If you are the lucky possessor of a large, open-concept kitchen, install a chandelier above the dining table to add a sense of movement to your space. We guarantee that you will become the envy of your friends.

Upholstered seating

Upholstered sofas and armchairs are typically associated with the living room, as they inspire a distinctive warmth. However, current trends position these pieces in the center of the kitchen, incorporating thus a luxurious touch into a room once meant only for cooking. So, it may be time to kiss those old MDF chairs and dining table goodbye, as there are many upholstery options you can embellish your kitchen with. Some of the experts’ top choices include cozy banquettes upholstered in a deep purple mohair, colorful ikat print, boldly striped Romo linen, and chairs upholstered in richly tinted fabrics.

Make use of curtains

Now that you have reconsidered your dining table and chair allegiance, you may want to explore other design areas. Curtains are a great start in this sense, and while it may seem a terrible idea, we guarantee that it is exactly the twist your kitchen space is yearning for. You can use curtains in dozens of ways to add value to your cooking, but the following are by far some of the best:

  • Create a relaxed country look by opting for a cabinet valance. Curtains alongside cabinetry may appear old-fashioned, but if you make the right choices in terms of both cabinets and valance, you will obtain that lived-in look you long wished for. Textiles have an undiscovered power to make spaces feel very much your own, so do not hesitate to research this kind of design before saying no.
  • Use a window valance to create a cozy corner. Forget about the classic position of valance under countertops or on the tops of windows. Curtains can be used across the windows, too, to instill a hygge feel and a French café-style. You can complete the look by opting for a vintage liberty tablecloth. Thus, you impress everyone with a cocooning feel and – the best part? – with minimal to no effort.
  • Screen clutter in a utility room. Laundry rooms are often perceived as cold as a result of their hard surfaces and floors. But you can say farewell to this unwelcoming look! Fabric valance can give a utility room a more relaxed, softer touch while also concealing the clutter behind. You will be surprised by how much these fabrics can change a room, transforming it from uninviting into lovely to work in.

You have got plenty of options, so have you made a decision already?

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