Did the 15 seeds ever do the Elite Eight in March Madness? 


Has the 15th seed ever made it to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament? Saint Peter’s Peacocks are trying to be the first to win against Purdue on Friday night.

March Madness is full of great storylines every year, but nothing can beat a poor seed moving forward despite all the difficulties.

Saint Peter’s Peacocks are one of those thrilling mobs with a do-it-yourself attitude and a partnership that gets them all the way to Sweet 16.

Getting into the Elite Eight would be an unprecedented feat.

Saint Peter’s is trying to be the first 15 seed to become the Elite Eight

The simple answer is no. There has never been a 15th seed in the Elite Eight in the modern history of the NCAA Tournament. (Before 1951, every team in the league was in the Elite Eight.)

Cinderellas in the double-digit seeded have come and gone, most recently the Oregon 12th in 2021. The Beavers are only the second 12th seed to do so to date. That same year, UCLA became one of nine teams to advance to the Elite Eight as the 11th seed.

No team underrated 12 has ever come this far.

That’s what makes Saint Peter’s efforts so magical. The vast majority of the 15th seed did not make it through the first round, let alone won many games.


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