Five Penny Digital Currencies That Are Investment-Worthy


Investors, who possess limited funds for bitcoin trading, prefer to indulge in penny cryptocurrencies. They are priced below $1, or even below $5. Such coins/tokens are low in value. Yet, they can offer high yields, if business deals are successful. Businesspersons may utilize the well-known trading and investment platform for this purpose.

Outlined here, are the five worthwhile penny cryptocurrencies to purchase. 


The company behind this token,, is an environment-friendly one. It is keen to lessen the carbon footprint that is the residue left behind by blockchains’ activities. 

The credit for this idea goes to the innovative mindsets of Denis Creighton (CEO) and his team of extremely talented tech professionals. They desire to provide the greenest virtual currency in the crypto arena. Thus, investors may purchase carbon credits, and engage in burning them. 


Toby Simpson, Humayan Sheikh, and Thomas Hein are three software developers. They launched this token, in 2017, via They used the benefits offered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), to popularize the decentralized digital economy. 

The FET token fetched $6 million via the Initial Coin Offering. It is possible to utilize it for conducting transactions, handling autonomous economic agents, and generating rewards via staking. connects with the real-world, marvelously. For instance, there is direct communication between providers of travel services and consumers. Thus, investors are welcome to experiment with the 1,152,997,575 tokens in circulation. Each one costs $0.09.


Dash 2 Trade is an all-in-one tool. It rates amongst the best, as far as strong product offerings are concerned. The small-cap token has already garnered a huge number of fans, during its presale stage. 

The platform is greatly effective in analyzing cryptocurrencies. It also performs excellently as a virtual currency trading signal platform. After all, the experienced professionals who set it up, wanted retail investors to gain heavily, albeit with ease. 


Lucky Block is a recent entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, having shown up only in January 2022. LBLOCK is its native token. The price is excessively affordable, at $0.0004 per token. The market cap of Lucky Block VI tokens is around $30 million. Investors may access them across the PancakeSwap platform. 

Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It lends support to the company’s V2 token since traders prefer it. This token does not ask for any transaction fees. This token is available on, LBank, and MEXC, too.

Inspired by the Binance Smart Chain, Lucky Block offers a platform for competitive games. Players have access to daily draws, too. Whatever the game, the operating costs are nominal. Geographical locations do not matter, for anyone from anywhere may become a participant. All activities are kept transparent and affordable.


It is the native token of Calvaria. This digital currency platform is game-based, too. Users have been wildly attracted by its NFT card game. They find it very creative. 

Calvaria strives to convey to investors that it is interesting, sustainable, and trending. It would like to give investors as favorable an impression, as D2T and, do. After all, it is in the presale stage, just like they are. Avid gamers are eagerly awaiting the official launch of this platform. 

Other Coins/Tokens

Apart from the ones mentioned above, investors may look at five more penny cryptos. 

One of them is GRT. It is linked to The Graph Coin Project. Yaniv Pal, Brandon Ramirez, and Jannis Pohlmann launched it in 2018. The ecosystem and network are powered by the native utility coin, GRT. Counted amongst the best 100 digital assets, GRT displays a market cap of $866 million. Around 6.9 billion tokens are in circulation. Each one displays a price of $0.1253. 

Similarly, there is IBAT, the native token of the Battle Infinity platform. IBAT is a BEP-20 token. Battle Infinity refers to a gaming platform, where many games are NFT-based. The platform brings together play-to-earn elements, multiverse, and blockchain. As a result, the user experience is wonderful, especially regarding the earning of rewards.

DeFi Coin is a contributor to the DeFi Swap ecosystem. AMP Coin strives to enhance the speed of confirming transactions. Finally, there is the 1 INCH token. It occupies the 86th position on the list of best cryptos by market capitalization.


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