Disco Hairstyles 

Disco Hairstyles 
Disco Hairstyles 

The disco hairstyles of the ’70s have a major influence on today’s hairstyle trends and are great sources of inspiration for the visionaries of the hair and beauty world. Big, voluminous hair bursting with oversized curls defined the iconic disco hairstyles. The modern version of disco curls are worn by tons of celebrities and remain one of the sexiest styles around as they give any long haircut instant femininity.

Back in the ’70s, disco hairstyles were mainly based on the good old blow dryer that has become a reliable tool for any hairdo. Once women discovered they can style voluminous curls using their blow dryers, they’ve pushed the limits of big hairdos and started a new trend.

Glamorous disco hairstyles are perfect for hair that reaches the shoulders and longer, layered or one length. When styling the look, flat hair isn’t an option. If your locks are lacking in the volume department, encourage root lift by working volumizing mousse throughout damp hair. This will give your hair the boost it needs as well as a solid hold once it’s dry. Another tip for cheating volume – especially if you have fine hair – are salt sprays. These are also amazing for creating big hair as they make the hair stiff and will support the curl and hold shape well. First rough-dry hair on medium heat, then use a large round brush to build volume concentrating on the root area. Blow-dry lengths with the nozzle pointing downwards to encourage shine!

To get a Farrah Fawcett inspired hairstyle, create thick curls around the face, using a large barrel curling iron and separate hair into larger sections as opposed to small sections. Hold the iron vertically and wrap hair back and away from the face. Finish up with a generous mist of good hairspray.

Go wild with a halo of fluffed-up curls sported by ’70s icon Jerry Hall by wrapping thin sections of hair onto flexi rods/ bendy rollers. Unravel the curls and run though with fingers to break them up gently.

Always remember not to overload your hair with product, especially if you’re after bouncy disco hairstyles. Try to add little product at a time as the real trick to creating big hair is to ensure hair is light enough to stay up, and too much product can weigh your style down.


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