BitLife is a game where you can do and become anything that you need. Much like reality, it’s also possible to join different factions at school depending on what kind of person you are as well as the friends that stay with in your home life. For those who prefer dark clothing and cosmetics, Goths may be for them! Here´s how to join the Gothic Clique in Bitlife:

1). Open up “Create an Avatar”

2). Select GOTH from top menu

3). Choose Male or Female

4). Create Name

5), Add Age 6-10

7). Click NEXT

8). On next page add Face Type (optional), Hair Dye Color/Style (optional), Skin color – White


BitLife is getting an exciting new update! This time around, players have to end the Twilight Challenge in order to join a certain social group. The rules are complicated at first glance but if you follow these instructions carefully everything should be just fine — let’s take a look at how we can complete this challenge and make our way into Goth Club.

In the Goth Clique, you can decide to battle with werewolves or vampires. However, this test doesn’t have anything to do with deciding whether you will be a blood-thirsty vampire or an inwardly turned werewolf that only appears after midnight in your dreams. Regardless of which side they choose and what choice is made by the player at any point during gameplay, there are multiple endings for each faction within Bitlife!

How to join the Goth Clique in School in Bitlife

Getting into the Goth clique is a complicated process. With two qualifications that have to be met, it’s not an easy feat by any means. The first requirement for joining this group of outcasts is being in school and having low looks (aside from their signature pale complexions). Once you’re both enrolled at your local school and gaunt looking enough, take note: there will only be one way to find the link for signing up with them – under School on Bitlife’s page called “Goth Clique.”

All things considered, to satisfy the main necessity, you can basically reroll characters until you have one with low looks, and that will make it simpler for your character. You may also utilize god mode to put down other players if they annoy or try anything on your avatar.

In any event, there’s one way you can constrain your satisfaction down and that is to simply attempt to join different clubs/inner circles and get dismissed. This is on the grounds that each time you get dismissed, your fulfillment will be brought down.

How To Join Goth Clique In Bitlife Tricks

Presently a days Goth Clique in Bitlife are searching for how to join goths, in the event that you are additionally one of them to Join the Goth Clique in bitlife,

You Should have these things in bitlife,

  • Lower Happiness of your character.
  • Getting lower glances in bitlife.

After you join the school, it may seem like there is an endless supply of PS4 Unrecognized Disc Errors to choose from. Your choices on this screen will determine which cliques and clubs are available for your character in-game. If a player chooses to enter into Mean Girls’ Clique they can bring down their satisfaction level without any problem by joining every club that rejects them constantly.

You can’t even get in with Goths unless you make your happiness level red and depress the looks. In case of beginning, there is a character that for following terrible eating routine too. Tap on school name to select coteries from it!


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