Does Fine Jewelry Depreciate?


Many products depreciate their value over time, but jewelry has some exceptions. For example, cheap imitation, artificial jewelry depreciates more. On the other hand, when you buy best in class jewelry from reputed brands like Windsor Fine Jewelers, they don’t depreciate. In fact, in most cases, they appreciate it. If you buy jewelry carefully, then the value of your product will increase instead of decrease. However, a wrong buying decision might cause significant depreciation of your jewelry products’ fair value. Fortunately, sites like My Price Guide can help you choose the best option.

If we have to answer whether fine jewelry depreciates or not, we would say “no.” Fine jewelry never depreciates. However, the argument doesn’t end here. If you don’t want to see your jewelry values are declining, then read the full post. 

Types Of Jewelry That Depreciate

As already mentioned above, imitation, costume, and artificial jewelry depreciate their value over time. So, we would recommend you stay away from these types of jewelry. 

Types Of Jewelry That Don’t 

Metal like gold and platinum do not depreciate as the other asset class. Take examples of any fixed asset like cars or lands. The value of your vehicle depreciates immediately as soon as you drive it. In accounting, the value of your land can also be declined. However, if you buy gold jewelry, its value will never depreciate because of its unlimited useful lifespan. 

However, it is essential to know that during market recessions, the value of gold might decrease. But as soon as the market stabilizes and demand increases, the value of gold also rises. If you buy any gold jewelry from a trusted brand like Windsor Fine Jewelers, you never have to see depreciation. The same rule is also applicable to platinum and silver jewelry. However, it is requested not to take platinum jewels as an investment option because platinum consumption and demand are still not as high as gold. 

Tips To Buy Jewelry That Won’t Depreciate Over Time

The monetary value of jewelry highly matters. But the fact is most people don’t even know the real worth of the jewelry that they own. For example, a chain that looks so simple might be worth thousands of dollars. On the other hand, an incredible necklace might quickly depreciate over time. Here are a few tips that you should follow while buying jewelry that won’t worsen over time. 

  • While buying a piece of jewelry, you must check its hallmark. The jewelry hallmark tells everything about it, ranging from the country of origin to the metal content. If you are buying a necklace, then you will find it inside of the clasp. If you are purchasing a bracelet or ring, then you will get it inside. It is essential to know that all types of jewelry must have a hallmark and if you don’t find it, ask the shopkeeper to show the jewelry’s hallmark.  Reliable brands like Windsor Fine Jewelers never hesitate to offer the hallmark of the jewelry to their customers. 
  • 10K, 18K, 14K, 375, 750 are standard gold hallmarks. Silver hallmarks include 800, 925, Sterling, etc. If you want to buy platinum jewelry, you need to check for hallmarks like PLAT or 950. These are only a few examples of several types of hallmarks. Always buy jewelry before checking its hallmark. If the product doesn’t have any hallmarks, then change your buying decision. 
  • Before buying any jewelry, check its weight first. It is crucial to know that metals like gold, platinum, or silver are heavier than their counterpart materials like pewter and brass. If you find a thicker gold bangle or bracelet that is lighter than a similar product that you own, you have to understand that the product is made of hollow or fake materials. In that case, you should avoid that product, or else its value will depreciate in time. 
  • Always buy jewelry from a trusted offline or online store like Windsor Fine Jewelers

Fine Jewelry Vs. Costume Jewelry

If you don’t want to see your jewelry depreciating its value, consider buying fine jewelry instead of costume jewelry. Fine jewelry is made with valuable metals like platinum or gold. They might also contain precious gemstones like ruby, musgravite, diamond, etc. However, costume jewelry doesn’t have any valuable metal, but it can be made of any material, even plastic and wood. Costume jewelry might look more artful and elegant at first glance, but its price is bound to depreciate over time. However, if you buy fine jewelry from reliable shops like Windsor Fine Jewelers, their value will never decline. 


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