Edwin Caz, of Grupo Firme, revealed if he was drunk when he fell off the stage at a full concert


Edwin Kaz, singer of Grupo Firme, has been embroiled in controversy recently, after a video clip circulated on social media. Where he fell off stage in a full concert. Some people said that The singer was drunkBut the group member explained what happened.

It was through his account Instagram Where Edwin noticed that he was performing the fourth song at a show held in the United States, When his followers brought him down from his place.

“In terms of Fall I Wasn’t Drunk, it was the fourth song on the show. It made me angry, but it also made me laugh. It was more like the feeling that we found,” the artist wrote in his official networks.

He also noted that he loved his fans very much, but asked them not to do it again, because it was painful.The company group has held several concerts in the United States (Photo: IGgrupofirme)

“I love you, I only ask you to please not to repeat it again. I’m also a human and it hurts‘, he finished.

In the audio-visual material shared across various online platforms, the moment Eduin Caz, with everything and a hat, bent, can be seen to sing near a follower. However, when a woman tries to cuddle him, He pulled it on profusely and made the interpreter fall off the stage in an annoying manner.

Recently, the singer pledged on his Instagram account to hold a free concert in case he wins Cruz Azul.

“If Cruz Azul is champ this year, Grupo Firme promises to sing for them absolutely free. It’s a huge cost to be able to go, wear the band, and all, to have fun, but If there are champions left, Grupo Firme is giving away this headgear completely free to all of our Cruz Azul team members.‘, was sentenced.

Thus, when the football team won, the singer confirmed his proposal.

“Today I would like to congratulate my body for giving us such happiness. We are the champions. What I promised you still stands, just tell me what day the Bachanga will be armed,” said Edwin.

According to the digital portal I’m a groupAnd the This music group was created in 2014 by Eduin Cazares, who is originally from Tijuana, Baja California.

According to the site, the singer and Joaquin Ruiz belonged to the group “Reto Sierreo” for 10 years, before founding Grupo Firme.

The themes set in most Mexican regional music are “Love was not mine”, “No money and nothing”, “I swear to God”, “Actually”, “Broken”, among other things.

Earlier this month, the band released His new single “Hablemos”. It is one of Ariel Camacho’s classics.

This song has been a hit since its release in 2014 and has been performed by many icons of this musical genre, such as Christian Nodal and the Sereno trio of Cesar Sanchez, Israel Mesa and Johnny Curtis.

Currently, the official cover video explained by Grupo Firma has over 2 million views on YouTube and 94,765 likes.


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