Mexico. Edy Smol, the so-called “fashion guru”, shares in an interview with Adela Micha that suffers from cancer and also why he decided not to treat himself medically.

Edy Smol, host of the television program Take care of the camera, speaks honestly about the cancer he suffers from and causes an impact and stir on social networks, since no one imagined that he was going through such a situation.

Edy is a reference in Mexico in the world of fashion and what he has left is work, since he has worked in different scenarios thanks to his knowledge in Marketing, advertising and above all fashion.

Edy Smol shares with Adela Micha in an interview that decided not to take chemotherapies and explains what type of cancer he has And for what reason did you reject them? These are polyps that appeared in the colon that have complicated his health in recent months.

“I looked very poor, but today I am wonderfully well, thanks to the herbalist. In the last few weeks that I spoke with my doctor, he admitted that he hated me. I am not in remission. I am not saying that it was removed. Polyps are an issue that o gets worse.”

“This is something that I did not dare to say, if you can see me so full of life, I am full of life, of love, I live in the now, I’m happy. I believe a lot in God and I decided this”, Edy also tells Adela.

Edgar Smolensky, real name of Edy Smol, and who became famous for his exotic looks on the program Take care of the camera, also tells Micha that he decided to do without chemical treatments because he does not want a complication in his body like the one they experienced his parents, who also had cancer.

According to the Mayo Clinic, colon cancer starts in the large intestine (colon), which is the final part of the digestive tube; It begins with benign clusters of cell formations called polyps that grow inside the colon, some of which turn into cancer.


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