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Who is Elizabeth Jasso, and what is her complete story? Elizabeth Jasso, whose family reported her missing on August 5, has been located, according to Baytown, Texas, police. Jasso recovered on August 10 and is safe, according to ABC 13. Jasso, 31, was not pregnant and lied that she was expecting twins, according to the police and Jasso’s relatives.

“Baytown Police Department representatives verified to ABC13 that Jasso met with detectives on Tuesday at 1 p.m. She was not pregnant before her disappearance, they said. Also, there was no criminal activity or illegal conduct, according to ABC 13.

Baytown Police are looking into Jasso’s disappearance as a missing person case. Although they believe she may be experiencing a mental health crisis. According to authorities, the white 2017 BMW vehicle with the Texas license plate NZK4426 had it driven by the 31-year-old Jasso.

After Jasso’s mother-in-law pleaded for assistance locating Jasso in a since-deleted Facebook post, claiming that Jasso was 40 weeks pregnant, the issue swiftly gained attention on social media. According to ABC 13, however, her family then disclosed that they had discovered Jasso was probably never pregnant. What you should know about Elizabeth Jasso is as follows:

Jasso Disappeared on the Day She Said She Would Be Introduced

Jasso, whose maiden name is Elizabeth Cano and who also goes by the moniker Liz Jasso, vanished on the day she had indicated she would get induced to give birth to twins. On August 4, she posted on Facebook, “Y’all pray for this girl… Tomorrow’s scheduled introduction will welcome our boys into the world. She shared an image of her husband’s grave on August 5, the day she was last seen, along with the caption, “My heart is filled with so much pleasure & pain.

Jasso’s mother-in-law, Blanca Gonzalez, reportedly told ABC 13 News that she reported Jasso missing when she vanished before her medical visit. They spoke last on August 4, according to Rubio, who told the TV station, “Little Mija, I can’t wait until tomorrow. You better hold off on having them till I get home.

On the morning of August 5, according to Gonzalez, Jasso was leaving her residence without the luggage she had packed to go to the hospital. Gonzalez claimed that the bag was present close to her door. She told ABC 13 that since then, “we don’t know anything.”

Six months before she vanished, Jasso’s husband suffered a killing in Baytown

A picture of her husband’s tomb was on Facebook that morning. In Baytown, Milko Jasso was shot and died on February 17, 2021. Age 29 was Milko Jasso.

It happened at home on Park Street in Baytown at around 4:40 in the morning, according to Baytown Police Assistant Police Chief. According to the newspaper, when police arrived at the shooting scene, they found the man dead from at least one gunshot. According to the preliminary inquiry, Jasso instigated a violent altercation inside the house of a 20-year-old woman and her 36-year-old partner. By Freed, the woman pulled out a firearm at some point during the altercation and shot Jasso.

As of the February 18, 2021 story, no charges were there, and it was not immediately obvious if any had since been. According to his obituary, Elizabeth Jasso has a son and a daughter from a prior relationship.

Jasso’s father and sister informed her in-laws that Jasso was not pregnant. She had purchased fake ultrasounds online and that she couldn’t “Even Have Kids.”

According to Jasso’s in-law, they found evidence that she had faked her pregnancy after she vanished, including by purchasing phony ultrasound images online. “You know she wasn’t pregnant,” the father and sister claimed. They believed she was fabricating the pregnancy. Even she was unable to bear children.

Blanco Gonzalez, Jasso’s mother-in-law, stated on Facebook on August 6: “I am utterly at a loss for words with what I have discovered… My daughter-in-law tricked me, my family, and my friends. Because I recently lost my son, and she and everyone else believed we were awaiting the birth of my grandsons, here is my daughter-in-law, who has faked her pregnancy using false ultrasound photographs. So Liz, if you see this, thanks for raising our expectations. I ask that you return home and provide the answers. Since going missing, Jasso has not updated her accounts on Facebook or Instagram.

Jasso frequently posted about being pregnant on Facebook and Instagram, had a baby shower, and had a pregnancy photo shoot.

According to Jasso’s social media accounts, she had a baby shower. She also participated in a prenatal photo session that featured an edited image of her late husband. After her husband’s passing, Jasso constantly shared on Facebook and Instagram that she was pregnant. Gonzalez, her mother-in-law, told ABC 13, “I had the blessing of two boys, but they took my son.”

Jasso is seen with her husband’s children in one of her Instagram pictures, which has the description “Big Sister loves her baby brothers Cash & Royalty.” In the picture, Jasso appears to be expecting while her husband’s daughter is kissing her tummy.

She was at her husband’s grave in another image with the words, “I love you, hubby… I am grateful for your priceless blessings. In March 2021, she threw a gender reveal party, according to her Instagram.

According to Jasso’s sister on Facebook, true Friends & Family Love Elizabeth Jasso No Matter the Situation.

“True family and friends love Elizabeth Jasso no matter what situation,” Isabella Cano said on Facebook. She is still absent, whether or not she is pregnant! Can we perhaps concentrate on that rather than criticizing her and work to get her home?

Please don’t be harsh about something we don’t comprehend, Cano continued. Despite the sad circumstances, our objective is to return her securely to her family. We are still quite concerned since we still don’t know where she is. If you see Liz, please know that we hope you will soon return home, Cano mentioned. It was all about Elizabeth Jasso and her story!


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