emojimix App Allows You To Combine Two Emojis Into One


If you love using emojis, we have a great app to recommend. The app is called ‘emojimix’, and it essentially allows you to combine two emojis into one. That way you can get an endless pool of new emojis to use.

Emojimix allows you to combine two emojis into one, and create some interesting combos

Thousands of combinations are possible with this application, you can get some truly interesting results. For example, if you combine a cat and a turtle emoji, you’ll get a green cat with a turtle shell.

You can also create some interesting-looking cheese emojis. Combine a cheese emoji with a laughing emoji and you’ll get a really comic-looking cheese emoji, essentially. The possibilities are endless.

This application also has a leaderboard. If you’re wondering why, well, you can actually vote for your favorite emoji creations of the day. If you simply love what someone else has done, vote, and help that person climb the leaderboards.

The UI is simple and very functional

The app’s UI is really simple, as it should be. It also uses Google’s standard emoji to create new, interesting creations. You can simply copy the emoji you’ve created, and share it in a messaging app, for example.

You can also favorite your newly-created emoji to use it later on, and always have access to it. The third option you’ll see is the share option, which essentially does the same thing as the copy option, but via the share menu.

This app has a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play Store as of writing this article. There’s a good reason for it. It’s really fun to use, and we didn’t encounter any issues while we used it. So, it works perfectly fine.

If you’d like to check it out, you can grab it via the link provided below. Before you do, though, feel free to check out some official images included below, that will give you a better look at the UI and the emoji possibilities.


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