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The blog written below is not a promotional article, it is completely unbiased and the information has been collected individually from different sources for knowledge purposes only. The review speaks about the gruesome offense which took place via a video link by some underground mafia organization.

A truth of a society that lives in the darkness of shadows. Before you give this article a read kindly note that this article might not be suitable for children and if you are sensitive towards the content of violence you should also avoid reading further.

The bizarre breaking news we are about to tell you about leaving the world under shock. People were shaken to know about a boy getting in trouble with some mafias who are into drug dealing and laundering. The video shows you the horrific truth of that incident.

If you are a regular visitor of Brazilian news, then you must be aware of the notorious incidents that took place because of the Drug lords of those areas. There are numerous violent incidents that took place because of the inner competition between these drug lords, this incident is one of the examples.

The story is concise

Near the area of Barra do Ceara in Brazil is one of the prime areas where these transactions of illegal drugs and illegal actions take place. And quite naturally it has become one of the red zone areas where all the rivalry between these drug lords takes place to gain more power and to have more authority over others. Similarly in this video, we will see a glimpse of the terror involving Nara Aline Mota De Lima and the GDE group.

Typically and locally it is known that these groups have claimed their sole possession over the area, and have restricted the trading of drugs and money of other mafia groups to portray their power inferiority. These groups have their own Jurisdiction and the result of being caught in that area while selling or buying drugs can end up in fatal incidents. Live gore 5178 is a recorded video of similar incidents taking place in that locality.

The complete story of Live gore com

In a statement given by Nara Aline Mota De Lima, she mentioned that she was a resident of the area and later became a part of another mafia group, which eventually moved their residence and started making transactions in the area where a group named GDE has already claimed territory. Nara was then discovered by their rival mafia gang eventually. The boss of the gang at that point in time was still in Jail and was controlling the gang from inside only.

The rapid discovery of Nara Aine Mota De lama led to the result, where the drug mafia’s of the rival gang got their order from their boss to kidnap her and kill her. In no time the plan got carried out and their man set out to finish the given task of killing Nara on the same night using a car. The same night Nara was hanging out with her two other friends Inggrid Texeira Ferreira, 22 years old, and 31 years old Dorcielle Ancelmo De Alencar at her house. When the mafia group bust into her residence they discover that Nara is not alone and is in the company of her two friends. The story of Live gore com 5178 took a rapid turn from this point onwards and left the world stuttering.

Though the initial plan was to just kidnap Nara and kill her, they had to make changes in their plan in fear of getting caught during their action. The mafia gang then kidnapped all three of them so that the other two of Nara’s friends Dorcielle and Inggrid could not contact and inform the police department.

After they captured the three of them, the group took them to the near Mangrove forest and slaughtered them. The struggle of these three women before getting killed was all over the crime scene and seemed like they begged for mercy and for their life. According to the news, 31 years old Dorcielle Ancelmo got shot in her head from a close range and died at the spot. But the fate of Inggrid and Nara was crueler to them. The mafia gang mutilated both of them alive and tortured them till they took their last breath.

The slow and intolerable torture started with the gang by cutting both of their fingers off with a machete which was dull and painful. The gang did not end their torture there, they cut off both of their arms and legs while they were alive and still conscious. The gruesome torture ended with the gang members slitting their throats.

The body parts of three of these victims were then scattered and disposed of all over the forest by the gang so that the cops could not locate them immediately. The police department went through a lot of trouble to locate all the body parts and figure the crime scene out. These terrible murders of three women caused baffling news and case.

The video of this violent incident has been taken down from the internet all over.

Final Verdict

After collecting all the information regarding this incident it has shown us how dangerous a part of our society is. The drug mafia and their lifestyle are something we can not comprehend. The extent they can go to on the basis of rivalry and territory is beyond the regular imagination.

This incident is one of such which happens almost on a regular basis in the society where the drug mafia has claimed their territory. The measures they take as a solution of their problem and to show their power over other mafia gangs to have monotony over buying and selling drugs is most of the time fatal and gruesome. Thus, we ask you to look out for your own safety and be a better judge when it comes to illegal activity.


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