How To Set Animated GIF Facebook Profile Picture On Android And iPhone


If you are looking to add an animated profile picture as your Facebook profile picture then, you are at the right place! Here in this tutorial, you will learn how to use animated GIFs or videos for this purpose. The feature was released a while ago. It is available on both the Facebook iOS app and on Android as well. So, let us go ahead with the procedure to set animated GIF Facebook profile picture.

While browsing Facebook, have you ever come across profile pictures (similar to the one below), which are animated, something like GIF or videos?

Well, don’t feel jealous as you too can set videos as your Facebook profile picture. This is only possible from the Android and iPhone mobile app. Currently, you cannot set videos as the profile picture from the Facebook website. But, do not get worried as the profile video is viewable on Facebook Web.

How To Add Animated GIF Facebook Profile Picture

On iPhone

In order to set Facebook animated gif profile pic on iPhone or iPad, use the steps below.

  1. 1. Open Facebook app and of course, you should be logged in to your Facebook account.
  2. 2. Tap on three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner.
  3. 3. Tap your name to go to your Profile screen.
  4. 4. Under your profile, tap on the small camera icon on your profile pic.
  5. 5. Now, tap on Select Profile Picture or Video.
  6. 6. Select the desired video that you recorded earlier from your Camera Roll.
  7. 7. Then, tap on Edit.
  8. 8. Now, you can use only a short video with a maximum length of 7 seconds. Therefore, your video will get trimmed automatically if it is longer than 7 seconds. You can only select a specific part of the video you desire to upload as the profile video.
  9. 9. You may also crop the videomute its sound, and select the desired cover, by using their respective sections.
  10. 10. After you’re done with all the settings, tap Done at the top right corner.
  11. 11. Then tap on Use to finish setting up your Profile Video.

With this, you have successfully uploaded an animated gif Facebook profile pic on iPhone or iPad!

On Android (Video)

The steps are the almost similar to iOS.

  1. In Facebook app, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner. 
  2. Select your Name to view your Profile.
  3. On your profile, tap on your profile. 
  4. Select either Take a New Profile Video or Select Profile Video.

After this, you may refer to the steps given above for iPhone. They remain same for Android with minor differences.

Or you can watch this video. It also shows how to make a custom GIF with special effects and set it as your animated profile picture on Facebook:


Can you make a GIF your profile picture on Facebook?

You can make a GIF your profile picture on Facebook. Facebook now allows to set an animated seven-second clip as your profile picture. You can either to use a short looping video, similar to a Vine, or an animated GIF as your profile picture.

Does Facebook still do profile videos?

Facebook still does profile videos in the sense that it is possible to use a video as your profile picture. The feature is available only on iPhone or Android mobile app. Keep in mind that that profile videos are public and can be seen by everyone.

What is the size of Facebook profile video?

The size of Facebook profile video is 180 x 180 pixels and the length is 7 seconds. Please not that will be cropped to a square format.

Final Words

Now you can go ahead and spice up your profile by adding a profile video.

With this, we come to an end of this tutorial. Share it with your Facebook friends and help them in uploading animated profile picture on Facebook.


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