Kylie Jenner sure knows how to throw a party to remember. The almost billionaire celebrated her 21st birthday together with friends and family and got everyone obsessed with her birthday style. In fact, Jenner’s birthday party was filled with insanely chic looks that fans can’t wait to copy. The birthday girl herself donned two very pink, very sexy looks that broke the internet. In an unexpected turn of events, the Insta-popular Fashion Nova announced the launch of its “Birthday Behaviour” collection just a day after Kylie Jenner’s birthday party. As the internet states “The devil works hard, but Fashion Nova works harder.”

The beauty mogul’s birthday was on August 10, but she celebrated it on August 9. Just a day after the images from the celebration surfaced on social media, the affordable retailer Fashion Nova announced its upcoming collection that consists of nearly identical pieces as Kylie Jenner’s birthday looks as well as Kim Kardashian’s custom Yeezy dress. Just for the records, Kylie Jenner stunned in a total of 3 eye-catching looks. The first look, which already has a Fashion Nova dupe is the magenta silky mini dress with a sexy cutout which Kylie wore on her birthday dinner. The Peter Dundas satin dress will be available under the name “Twenty Fun Satin Dress” on Fashion Nova.

Kylie’s sparkly skin-tight bodysuit by La Bourjoisie that she borrowed from Barbie’s wardrobe will be available as “Birthday Bash Sequin Romper” at the affordable retailer’s online store. The star’s custom jumpsuit was made of 70,000 Swarovski pink crystals and has a price tag of $8000. Fashion Nova’s sequin replica retails for only $35. The glamorous piece is not available at the moment, but no worries! The brand’s Instagram states that the entire “Birthday Behaviour” collection is “coming soon.”

Kylie’s third look, which is captioned as “vintage Gucci” on her Instagram is a gold one-shoulder mini dress covered in light-catching crystals. So far, Fashion Nova hasn’t offered this look as a part of the “Birthday Behaviour” collection.

Among the affordable dupes, you can also find Kim Kardashian’s teensy tiny cutout Barbie-inspired dress. The dress that put on display Kim’s sizzling curves was designed by no other than Kanye West’s Yeezy label. Since not everyone is having a designer husband, Fashion Nova made sure to offer a replica of this dress as well. The “Cut To The Chase Mini Dress” is almost identical to Kim’s hot pink look.

You still can’t shop Fashion Nova replicas from the “Birthday Behaviour” collection. If you try to search for the items on the retailer’s website, you will get just similar looks. The fast-fashion brand didn’t give any specific date when the anticipated collection will drop. However, fans were blown away by how fast Fashion Nova managed to create duplicates of the reality stars’ party looks. The original designers behind the looks still haven’t said anything about Fashion Nova’s dupes.


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