80000 Pennies
80000 Pennies

Have you ever imagined a world without money? Of course, it is not possible to think even in dreams. And had it been possible, then it would have put everyone into a baffled state. There is hardly any place in the world, where you won’t need cash. It is needed since it is a survival source be it Canada or the United States. 

It is hard to think about living without money. People put all their life into earning money and leading a luxurious life. It is one such element that is needed to earn our daily bread and butter. It is much easier said than money cannot buy everything, but practically, this saying has no effect and is absurd in today’s contemporary lifestyle. 

There are many rags to riches stories that you must have read about. There are celebrities in Hollywood who did not have a pleasant childhood, as it was filled with early struggles of life. And today they have so much money to lead a luxurious lifestyle, not for themselves but their family and kids. 

If you have money, it brings the possibility of building a long contact list. And if not, then you will be left with fewer admirers. So yes, money does rule. To give your family and kids a healthy living style, then you need to earn enough to give them what they deserve. Whenever the term ‘money’ is heard, the only thing that comes to most minds is it’s being an ‘Umbrella term’. 

Note that the money in a particular country would be different in other countries. So let us get familiar with different types of currency and find out how much is 80000 pennies. Before that, it is important to know what the term Penny means. 

What do you understand by the term ‘Penny’?

Penny can be defined as a minor currency denomination in most countries. It can also be explained as the coin that is called the American one cent. Casually, it is being used as a group name in Canada.

As mentioned above, Penny is understood as the smallest denomination of a currency having its prominence. With that said, we must understand that there can be no possible divisions. Currently, the term penny is used in the British currency system (1 penny is equal to 0.01 dollar. 

Historical background of pennies

Before we find the answer to the question that reads how much is 80000 pennies, we need to know the history of pennies. The history of pennies’ entrance into the currency system dates back to the year 1394 in Scotland’s native language. The term is known to have been derived from the word Punic. The actual meaning of this term is ‘face’. It is because of the initial development of the pennies depicting the face of a Carthaginian goddess. 

If we go by the theory of historians, then the currency system first evolved from Roman and Greek reigns. And they mean it with the evidence of their gods traced in the design of the ancient silver coins. But according to another theory, it was Pepin the Short, who brought significant change in the currency system. 

He was king of the Franks who ruled from 751. Pepin the Short is the first Carolingian who was crowned as king. He died in 768. Later on, pennies appeared in minor sizes brought by Charlemagne. With such reforming activities, the penny began making its influence into the currency systems of various countries. He was born in 747 on 2nd April and died in 814 on 28th January. 

Brief about Charlemagne

His kingship ruled from 768 to King of the Lombards in 774. Charlemagne was Roman emperor from 800. At the time of the early middle century, he initiated the unification of central Europe and central Europe in major parts.

That is why he is also called the ‘Father of Europe’. Charlemagne breathed his last in 814 and was buried in the Aachen capital city, Aachen Cathedral. Being an emperor, he was married 4 times. He was a father to many sons including Louis the Pious. He was the youngest among his siblings. Charlemagne also had illegitimate relations with women and had children from them too.

How much 80000 pennies is equal to

Now when it comes to traveling around to any destination in the world, then the conversion of various money denominations becomes important. Now comes the revelation of the question of how much is 80000 pennies. Or to say how many dollars you are having.

The answer is 800 dollars is equal to 80000 pennies. Well, the amount is too little to make a living, especially when it comes to buying a housing property. The value of the penny is shown in the currency system. Also, note that there is no big gap between the value of the American dollar and the Canadian dollar. It is insignificant.

Final words

So now you know the answer to how much is 80000 pennies. The answer is 800 dollars. We hope that the post has helped give you an idea about the functioning of certain currency denominations. You must have also known the value of the penny in separate parts of the world. Hence we hope this article has helped to hint to you about the conversion of money which becomes very important when we have to travel across the world. 

Do research on penny history dating back to ancient times including the Greek and Roman era. And also brush up your knowledge about the different working structures of each currency. With knowing how much 80000 pennies is equal to, we have also briefed you about the ancient kings – Pepper the Short and Charlemagne. After all, both have contributed to the history of the penny. Hence, it was important to have a brief knowledge about them. 

Currencies representing each country

  • Afghanistan – Afghan afghani
  • Bangladesh – Bangladeshi taka
  • Canada – Canadian dollar
  • Denmark – Danish krone
  • El Salvador – United States dollar
  • France – Euro
  • Germany – Euro
  • India – Indian rupee
  • Japan – Japanese yen
  • Kuwait- Kuwaiti dinar
  • Luxembourg – Euro
  • Mexico – Mexican peso
  • New Zealand – New Zealand dollar
  • Philippines – Philippine peso
  • Qatar – Qatari riyal
  • Russia – Russian ruble
  • Singapore – Singapore dollar
  • Thailand – Thai baht
  • United States – United States dollar
  • Vietnam – Vietnamese dong
  • Yemen – Yemeni rial
  • Zimbabwe – United States dollar


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