beauty school
beauty school

 There are so many different beauty schools available out there. It makes sense that you would want to ensure you’re getting the best beauty school experience from one of the best cosmetology schools in America. No matter where you’re planning to go to school in the country and where you’re planning to practice at the end of it.

There are plenty of schools available across the United States. However, here are a few of the very best that you might want to look into

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Evergreen Beauty College

Educating in the Seattle, Washington area for over 20 years, Evergreen Beauty College has prepared and inspired many a fresh-faced student to work at top salons and spas or open their own outlet. There’s a range of courses that include Cosmetology, Barbering, Aesthetics, Nail Technology and also Eyelash Extensions.

Students gain confidence through a hands-on approach discovering new skills and techniques along the way. It is fully accredited and family-owned academy at Evergreen Beauty College, so a sense of family permeates.

At Evergreen Beauty College, you can get an education in cosmetology. All from hair design to barbering. Also aesthetics to nail technology. Makeup artistry or even instructor training. The school also has a class on individual eyelash extensions.

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It has five locations available throughout Washington, including the Seattle area, which makes it a great option for people in the Northwest looking for a thorough education. So, visit Evergreen Beauty College online at

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Turning Point Beauty College

Located in Phoenix, Arizona and also Chandler, Arizona, Turning Point Beauty College prepares students for careers as licensed cosmetologists. They offer courses in cosmetology instructor training and also nail technology.

The goal here is to create a positive learning environment for dedicated devotees of the industry. A great option to prepare you for the fast-paced world of beauty, Turning Point Beauty College will set you up for a career in excellence.

If you’re interested in a cosmetology education in Arizona, you might want to look to Turning Point Beauty College. It has two Arizona-based locations, including one in Phoenix.

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At Turning Point Beauty College, you can learn cosmetology, nail technology or cosmetology education, making it a great place to go for up-to-date information regarding broader strokes of the cosmetology field. So, visit Turning Point Beauty College online at

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Ogle School

With locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Houston, Willowbrook, Hurst, San Antonio, and Denton, Ogle School has prepared students for rewarding careers in the beauty industry since 1973. It offers salon-modelled, student-centred training and development of the very highest calibre.

With part-time and full-time courses in Cosmetology and Aesthetics, students can work towards their dream careers. The NACCAS accredited programs ensure that at Ogle, quality education and high standards go together hand-in-hand.

The great state of Texas offers a variety of options for cosmetology, and Ogle School is one of the most prominent. There are nine Ogle School locations available in various Texas cities teaching cosmetology and aesthetics.

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Regardless of which you’re interested in learning, you can be sure you’re getting a thorough education and learning the business basics of cosmetology at the same time. Visit Ogle School online at


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