Finn William Leeves Coben, All Things About Her 

Finn William Leeves Coben
Finn William Leeves Coben

Finn William Leeves Coben, the celebrity child of Jane Leeves and Marshall Coben. She is no less than a celebrity herself because of the lavish lifestyle that she enjoys because of her parent’s fame and money. Finn William Leeves Coben is an 18-year-old teenager born in the year 2003. But her life is totally different than what most teenagers of her age enjoy to themselves.

Like any other celebrity child, fame and money were awarded to her on a silver platinum platter as soon as she opened eyes in the world. She is yet another kid born in paparazzi’s camera flashes and limelight.

She is a famous star kid who has often been seen on red carpets of popular award shows, posing in her designer dress. Spotted outside gyming sessions and papped by the paparazzi. As we said before, her life is no different from that of a famous celebrity.

Early Life

Her full name is Finn William Leeves Coben, an amalgamation of sir names from her parents, Jane Leeves and Marshall Coben. Finn opened her eyes to the world on 19 December the year 2003 in the United States of America. Now she is a national of this country. She is an 18-year-old teenager with the companionship of Isabelle Hatheryn Coben.

She was brought up in the United States and maintained a cozy and loving relationship with her immediate family, including her parents, aunt, and grandparents.


Finn is th star kid of Jane Leeves and Marshall Coben, an English actress and an American producer, actress, performing artist and a CBS paramount television executive, respectively. Other than her parents, Finn enjoys an extremely cozy, loving, and caring relationship with both of her grandparents, Collin Leeves and Ruth Leeves. She has been hanging out with her aunt Katheryn Leeves on holidays and weekends, so ultimately, it can be seen that she shares a highly loving relationship with her.

Not only that, but Finn also has a perfect companion and a sister in Isabelle Katheryn Coben, and she shares an immensely loving bond with her as well. We can guarantee this because Finn and Isabelle are often seen out and about shopping or trying out different dishes at cafes around the town. We have all indeed witnessed these bonds and fondness over social media, respectively.

Finn William Leeves Cobben’s Mother

Finn William enjoys a fair share of her lavish and celebrity-like lifestyle because of her mother, Jane Elizabeth Leeves, a renowned English actress. Jane is 60 years old and is sharing a marriage relationship with her husband, Marshall Coben – an actress, producer, and performing artist from America. Jane and Marshall married back in the year 1996.

Jane has gathered most of her fame in the Hollywood television industry from her role in the sitcom Frasier, which she maintained from the year 1993 until the year 2004. She has bagged Grammy and Golden Globe nominations for her role in this NBC television sitcom. She has also been seen as the character of Joy Scroggs in Hot in Cleveland, the sitcom.


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