Fix Google Text To Speech
Fix Google Text To Speech

Google Text to Speech tool in Android is an excellent service which is nifty and useful for a lot of users daily. However, several users are facing the problem in which female TTS file started downloading and it won’t stop downloading. Google Text to Speech app keeps downloading in Android phones and it has been a total annoyance. Cancelling the download process does not work because the file starts downloading again. There were several solutions to fix Google Text to Speech tool in Android, but the best solution works by solving the problem in the download manager. Follow the method mentioned below and you will be able to stop the downloading of female text to speech bar.

Fix Google Text To Speech Won’t Stop Downloading

From your home screen, pull down the notification window. Now, long press the ongoing notification for the voice download. Press “App Info”. This will take you to the download manager app info screen.

You will see an option of Force Stop. Use that option. Immediately disable the app. Now press the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. After this, restart your device.

If you want to activate download manager app again for further downloading of other apps, go to Play Store and download the app you want in your phone (any app). You will get a notification or message, asking you if it’s ok to restart the download manager.


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