Food stamps
Food stamps

Most grocery stores will accept food stamps, or SNAP benefits, but it can be confusing where some places do not accept EBT cards.

While the majority of stores qualify, others do not and some specifically do not qualify online.

Learn how to take advantage of SNAP benefits worth up to $1,504- there’s not much time

What is the Restaurant Meal Program for food stamp recipients?

This program is designed to help people who do not have access to ways to prepare their food eat.

This includes elderly, disabled, and homeless people who don’t have the ability or the means to cook their own food.

Not all states participate.

Some will see a minimum of $95 more dollars as emergency SNAP is extended

Which restaurants participate in the program and accept food stamps?

Door Dash does not accept SNAP benefits.

Dominos has two locations in California and Arizona that will take food stamps.

Starbucks does not accept EBT cards at their locations, but some stores that are inside grocery stores will.

Burger Kings only accept benefits in Arizona and California.

CiCi’s Pizza accepts food stamps in Arizona.

Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and Denny’s accept SNAP benefits in California.


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