Is It a Scam And How The Free Skin Generator Works?


Fortnite the multiplayer battle Royale game gains popularity in a short span of time. The Players of Fortnite are always looking for ways to get free skins Fortnite. We’re going to discuss one such site that offers free skins totally! is one such site that lets you generate Skin without spending any bucks.

Many users claim that they got multiple skins for free with the help of, but is it true or not? Is It a Scam And How The Free Skin Generator Works? To know that, scroll down till the end.

What is is a website that claims to give out free Fortnite outfits alongside bundles without paying a single v- buck over it. Fortnite charges a lot of V-bucks for the outfits, harvesting tools, back bling, and other accessories. Not all are financially strong to spend their money on skins in the game. This leads to many players seeking free skins as a source of gaining an advantage over their opponents. plays an important role here. It is a free skins generator website. This site not only offers you free outfits but also free bundles!

Is Fortnite Scam Website or Legit Website?

Right now! it is uncertain if the site is a scam or a legit website. It is a portal that was registered for the first time on 24 May 2021. As a result, a few people are aware of it. to give out free skins for free in exchange for simple verification processes. However, it might be illegal and there might be trouble involved with it. Based on the few comments on YouTube, it seems that the portal’s services are fraudulent.

It is not an official website of Fortnite, nor the Fortnite community supports it. That makes it an illegal site. But some users claimed that you could rely on them for free outfits. So, we suggest trying it out at your own risk.

According to our view, this website is just collecting users’ Fortnite usernames and making people fool. The website runs a fake human verification process wherein users are asked to complete a bunch of tasks helping the developers of the site to make money. Irrespective of whether you complete Human Verification or not, you are not going to get any Fortnite skin for free from Fortfame. com.

People’s Feedback on 

A small group of players who utilize the platform seems dissatisfied. Since continuing the process to the end wastes their time and effort and does not result in the addition of additional skin kinds to their game.

It’s difficult to give the final judgment on the portal’s authenticity at the time

How Does the Free Skin Generator Actually Work?

Fortfame. com provides a simple way to get new skin and outfits. Follow the below-mentioned steps for it.

  • Visit the official website.
  • The main web page will introduce you to the collection of outfits, bundles, and new skin types, make your choice and select the item.
  • When you select your desired skin, you will be asked to enter your Fortnite username.
  • After entering the username, select the device on which play Fortnite.
  • Once done, click on the Claim Now button.
  • After a while, you will be asked to complete the Human Verification process.
  • Once completed, launch the game and equip the skin that you have just obtained.

Final Words

Well, this is all about It is not a trustworthy site as people are having negative reviews about it. Did you access this site? Then share your reviews with us in the comments section below. Keep sharing with your near and dear ones.

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