Free Method to Import Entourage Emails to Apple Mail


Entourage is an outdated email client on mac as it doesn’t provide technical support or any updates in relation to security. A lot of people have upgraded to new technology, however due to certain reasons, a small number of users are still using the email client of entourage. Users believe that the only option to preserve their data and files is to move all their important information into Apple Mail. There are many who claim that there are alternatives other than Apple mail that exist, but Apple mail is thought to be the best option.

Reasons why importing Entourage Emails to Apple Mail

  • Apart from Apple email Microsoft is a reputable brand that’s followed by a majority of people however since it’s been unable to offer entourage, apple mail remains the only secure choice for users.
  • Simple navigation of emails is possible using Apple mail.
  • iCal along with the Address Book functions in Apple mail are among the most smooth.
  • The application is simple to set up , and additional accounts can be added easily.

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How can I import Entourage into Apple Mail?

There aren’t many options for transferring entourage information to apple mail , therefore it should be simple for people to use. But, it requires technical know-how for the process to go through. So, our advice is to learn the process and conduct an exhaustive lookup on any questions you have prior to executing the procedure. Because entourage uses an alternative file format, it must be converted into a compatible format before proceeding. The data for the entourage mailbox uses MBOX format to store the information of the emails. To download the MBOX file for the mails from the entourage, you have to access the following location within your computer.

C:/Users/username/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/ Main Identity

If the MBOX file isn’t located in this location, you’ll be required to extract the file from the mailbox of the entourage manually. In order to extract the MBOX file, comply with these instructions:

  1. Launch the application and navigate on the File tab and then click Export from it.
  2. In the Export section, click on the Items to be an Entourage Archive radio button and make sure you check the boxes for the type of item you require. After that, click the Next button to proceed.
  3. Select Yes, remove items from Entourage when they have been archived Then select next.
  4. Simply click Save to save the MBOX file on your computer.

After you’ve successfully saved your MBOX file to your system, you can import it into Apple mail system. Follow the steps below to finish the process.

  1. Open Apple mail. Go to File and choose “Import” Mailboxes.
  2. Choose File in MBOX format option prior to click on Continue.
  3. Select the entourage archived folder you have recently saved to your system , and then select Proceed to continue.
  4. The process will take time. When the process is finished, you’ll be able to check the email messages of the entourage on Apple Mail.


Entourage is an old email client which does not provide any features for its users , and there is no protection for information as well. It is beneficial to move all data from the entourage client to apple mail because it is compatible with all modern technology and features and can ensure that entourage files are imported without any issues. The method above mentioned to import entourage files to apple mail will be the most efficient method that is manual. If you are not comfortable with manual ways, you can try MBOX Exporter tool, this tool easily convert the mbox file to Apple mail format.


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