Andrea Mesa, Miss Universe, rocked the net with an athletic look
Andrea Mesa, Miss Universe, rocked the net with an athletic look

Andrea Meza He is totally enjoying his last time Miss Universe. On December 12, her successor will be elected, and the Mexican woman must abdicate. Fortunately, despite the pandemic, the young woman has been able to travel through wonderful places and live unique experiences during her tenure.

newly, Andrea He met Carnival Cruise Line, one of the most important cruise companies in the United States. Yesterday I shared a picture of a blue dress, black sandals, and a captain’s hat. “From my last day at Mardi Gras @ Carnival. Thank you for a wonderful week full of adventures,” he wrote in the post.

How did her legs look? Andrea He explained, “I’ve fallen 80,000 times because of my scars. So what.” The post has exceeded 30,000 likes and 200 comments. “I heard your scars were from kicking your friend when he says something you don’t like…or maybe it was the haters,” one follower joked. “Miss Universe !! You are a real woman! Women who criticize should feel proud that they represent a woman like you! chingona!!! And I love that you inspire others with just one post, I literally want to start practicing and using this app, just for you!!! You are gorgeous! It was some of the messages he received.


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