Fully vaccinated travelers can enter the USA from November 8

Fully vaccinated travelers
Fully vaccinated travelers

Last Friday, Whitehouse announced that the country might start the entry of fully vaccinated international travelers from November 8. Being outlined in early September, this policy signifies the end of 21-month Covid-19 restrictions. Further, these travel restrictions were imposed on the rest of the world by the US to enter inside the US.

Further, the white house restricted most of the non-immigrants who aren’t a citizen of America. The restriction includes all the people that were present for at least 14 days in the following countries. This list includes China, the UK, Iran, The Republic of Ireland, India, Brazil, South Africa, and the European Schengen area.

At first, it was the Trump government who set these restrictions on travels during the beginning of the pandemic. And then these restrictions are extended by the new Biden government during the winters. Further, the new restrictions both American citizens and non-citizens who wanted to fly to the US.

This move of the government received a big backlash from both citizens and non-citizens of America. As because of these restrictions, various loved ones were stopped to reunite in the hard times of Covid-19. Further, it also affected the travel industry badly and mainly the international ticket sales to the US and from it. Further, the people who weren’t affected by these travel restrictions include US citizens. Further, the list adds lawful permanent residents, legal guardians, or siblings of US citizens that are minors, new/exchange students.

Entry requirements to enter inside the US for international travelers

For international travelers, the White House has stated that fully vaccinated residents or citizens of 33 countries are welcomed in America. Further, the basic rule for any passenger to enter inside the country is to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Further, while boarding a flight to the US, passengers are required to carry valid vaccination proof along with themselves. Also, they need a negative report of the RT-PCR Covid-19 test taken 72 hours before the flying schedule.

However, the US government has removed the need to be quarantined in the country after entering it. Thus, it is much more affordable and easier to travel to the US or book flights to India from NYC. Although the government is planning to strengthen the contact tracing process to avoid further risks. Also, there are a few more Covid-19 restrictions or rules and regulations that are applicable all over the world.

And these basic Covid-19 rules and regulations need to be followed by every traveler traveling to the US. Further, these requirements include the use of masks in public areas and maintaining social distancing in public areas. Also, it includes the sanitization of hands regularly (use a 70% alcohol sanitizer) to prevent Covid-19. Moreover, these requirements are applied to passengers making a flight ticket reservation to the US from India as well.

Also, the white house Covid-19 coordinator mentions that these rules will protect the US from Covid-19. Further, he continued to address that these rules & regulations will help in enhancing the safety of international air travel. Moreover, for unvaccinated travelers, only unvaccinated American citizens will be allowed to fly to the US. However, they will be needing a negative Covid-19 test report to enter inside the US. Also, unvaccinated foreign nationals of any other country won’t be allowed entry inside America.

New U.S Travel policy effects on children

The rules of air travel to the US for children are unclear at this moment, however, they are exempted from the vaccination requirements. The White House officials have stated that children will not be barred and are most exempted from vaccination requirements. Further, according to the press secretary disclosure last month, unvaccinated people will be facing stricter testing guidelines. This includes both unvaccinated citizens and foreign nationals.

Vaccines approved by the United States

The new Biden government gas-charged the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention to decide the approved vaccinations. Then the only people who have taken any of these vaccinations will be considered vaccinated in America. Further, this announcement has brought back the hope of the travel industry worldwide. Because many countries are being pushed to change their stringent policies regarding vaccines.

Further, the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention has already announced a list of approved vaccines for US travelers. This list constitutes 6 different vaccines that are already approved by FDA and WHO. And every citizen and non-citizen of the US has to take any of the complete doses of these vaccines to be treated as vaccinated in America. The list of these popular vaccines that will help travelers travel to the US includes

  • Moderna
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Oxford-AstraZeneca/Covishield
  • Sinovac
  • Sinovac

The new travel policy welcomes ease of U.S. Travel Policy

The pre-corona world observed the travel & tourism industry flourishing and becoming one of the vital sectors of the world’s economy. Further, the travel industry was utmost contributing to 10% of the global GDP. However, the spread of coronavirus not only halted this growth but has also affected it badly. Various travel companies have suffered losses due to the collapse of international travel to the United States.

According to a report of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), international travelers have declined significantly during the past 2 years. This comes as a result of the travel restrictions imposed by various countries. As lockdown was one of the most effective ways to avoid the community spread of the Covid-19 virus. This was done for the good of humankind however it has put millions of traveling jobs at risk.

People like tour and travel guides have to shift to other professions to earn a living. while the others are still on the lookout for other jobs and options. And all of this is the result of the massive loss in revenues of tourism and its dependent sectors.

However, now with the ease to travel and countries going easy with travel restrictions the industry is revving again. Although many people are still preferring to avoid travel many are keen to travel. And easing the travel restrictions by the US government will be a great boast for international travel.


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