Gala vs. Fuji Apples: What’s The Difference


As a mother or a caregiver, you might need to know certain things that are best for your home. The more you know the better you are at handling your house. If you have ever wondered in a farmers market as to what a gala or a Fuji apple is then that is the correct place for you. Today we are discussing the differences between these two kinds of apples, we are discussing what are the factors we can compare the two with, their appearance, taste, availability, the whole digs. If you’re ready to know everything you wanted to know about Gala vs Fuji apples then this is your time.

Strap on. 

What is Gala Apple

Gala apple is a crisp sweet apple that has a mild flavor, it is commonly used for applesauce, salads, and eating out of hand. You can also use it to press it into a cider. 

What’s is Fuji Apple

Fuji apples are also quite firm, crisp, and juicy. They are most popular for eating fresh and they’re quite ideal for baking. 

Gala Vs Fuji: Factors to Compare

There are certain factors with which we can compare the two, let’s discuss each factor. 

After you’re done with this you will be able to distinguish between a Gala and Fuji Apple. 


The gala Apple has a yellow and orange shade, it has stripes that are quite visible from top to bottom. These stripes are pink and the shade of pink tends to vary as per the maturity of the Apple. 

Whereas a Fuji Apple has more variations in its color. The greenish-yellow base muddled with pink and red remains. 


Fuji has dense flesh which is quite crisp. The taste is citrusy, very close to green apples. It has mild acidity. Gala is very similar but isn’t as juicy or citrusy. Gala is more floral in its aroma though. The sweetness of the gala is best if you let it mature.


Fuji apples are not seasonal, you can find them throughout the year but the best ones can be found during fall and winter. Gaia is also very similar when it comes to availability. That’s the only thing that might be similar since both of them are available everywhere, throughout the year. Ask your Grocer to differentiate for you and once you identify the taste you’d know what to do. 


Fuji Apples are cultivated in Fujisaki, Japan that is where it gets its name from. However, now Fuji is cultivated throughout America. Gala apples are more adaptive ones. Fuji you can only find in China, Japan, and America whereas Gala you can find almost anywhere in the world. This type of fruit adapts and can be observed everywhere, almost everywhere. 

Nutritional Value

I’m sure you have heard an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. It stands true for its subtypes too. Even dogs can eat apples. Let’s discuss individually. 

Gala Apple offers a vast amount of vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and B. It also can lower the level of cholesterol. Fuji on the other hand is packed with a very stable amount of vitamin C since it’s more of a citrus fruit out of the two types. It also offers iron and calcium. 

Both of them are quite healthy and rich in vitamins and minerals. 


Fuji apples are approximately 75mm and Gala apples are 55mms. You can tell by the size which one is what Apple. 


Gala apples go great with salad, specifically a green one. The texture, taste, and workings of it go great with freshly chopped herbs and most kinds of greens. You can also use them in pastries, they can be blended with cheeses as the sweetness of a gala apple is simmered down when you cook it. 

Fuji works best for both raw and cooked. You can squeeze it in juices and add it into a fresh coleslaw. You can do a lot with a Fuji Apple since it has an amazing combination of flavors. Chefs love these ingredients as much as they love a good pair of tomatoes. 


I hope it’s clear now, you have the power to differentiate between a gala and a Fuji Apple now. Celebration season is right around the corner, so what are you waiting for. Do an apple dinner with different types of apple dishes, you know the flavor, the nutritional value, and everything you need to know about at least two types of apples. 

There are also ways in which you can use these apples in juices and drinks. Remember the difference between these apples is quite distinct, make sure you make the most of it. A gala and a Fuji Apple are not very difficult to differentiate between but it’s a talent to know how to use their differences to your advantage and we leave that to you.  


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