Glassagram Review: All You Need To Know About This Instagram Spy App


Do you use Instagram regularly?

Instagram isn’t just an entertaining image-sharing platform. If you have a business, it can also be a powerful tool for your brand. If you’re a parent, you can periodically check on your child’s IG to see what they’re up to.

But what if the account that you want to see is private,and they won’t accept your follow request?

Don’t worry – you can use third-party apps and services, like Glassagram  , to see their Instagram account anyway.

In this comprehensive Glassagram review, I’ll discuss this spy app’s features so that you can see if it’s suitable for your needs.

Glassagram Product Benefits

Instagram is an extremely popular social media site that currently has around a billion users around the globe.

Whether you’re using this image-sharing app for business or for personal use, there are many legitimate reasons why you may need a dedicated Instagram spy app.

For one, you might be interested in checking out a private account. Or, even if you’re already following the account, maybe you don’t want the other person to know that you’re viewing their Instagram stories. Maybe you even want to save their Insta stories or view their full-size photos.

Whatever the case, Glassagram is the product for you.

Glassagram is an anonymous Instagram story-viewing app, as well as a lot more. Although it was created mainly to allow users to view stories anonymously, it does have other powerful features:

  • Watch Instagram stories anonymously
  • Download Instagram stories
  • Download videos
  • Download photos
  • View a private Instagram account
  • See likes, even if they’re hidden
  • Track the location of every post
  • Not need to link your own account
  • Use their free basic version

Sounds like something you’re into? Check out Glassagram  now!

If you need more spying features that aren’t Instagram specific, you can also check out its sister product, uMobix, which I reviewed previously.

Glassagram Review

As mentioned above, Glassagram was primarily created to be an anonymous Instagram story viewer.

By using this app, your profile name won’t appear on the list of story viewers. It can also be used for other purposes, such as seeing someone’s like activity on Instagram.

I’ll discuss each of its features below in this in-depth review of Glassagram!

Main Features

These are the popular features that Glassagram has to offer. 

Take note that as of this writing, the platform is still constantly being updated and improved. Not all of these are already available right now, but the company behind Glassagram is planning to roll them out in the near future.

Instagram Story Viewer

This feature of Glassagram lets you watch the Instagram story of another person without your view reflecting on the total count, or on their list of Instagram viewers.

If you want to spy on someone, Glassagram’s anonymous story viewer, which will allow you to use Instagram anonymously or do anonymous browsing, will be very beneficial.

This tool works if you have a child since kids tend to act differently when they know their parents are watching.

Lastly, Instagram users who don’t want people to know they’re online but still want to be able to see other people’s stories can also benefit.

Instagram Videos Viewer

This is one of the main features that already works as of this writing. Glassagram’s Instagram videos viewer lets you watch another account’s videos and download videos without being listed as a viewer. 

More than that, this feature is also good forindividuals who just don’t want other people to see their activity. Whether you’re looking at a stranger’s stories IG or want to view someone’s posts this is a valuable feature to have.

Direct Messages Viewer

Once a direct message is sent on IG, the other party will automatically know that you’ve read it.

It would be helpful if you can view the messages now and respond at a later time, without the other person knowing that you’ve already seen them.

With this feature, parents can look at what’s being sent to their kids via direct messages and only intervene if they sense that something is wrong.

Likes Viewer

Glassagram’s “like viewer” lets you see who’s liking an Instagram account’s photos, videos, and stories.

If you’re a parent, knowing who’s liking your children’s photos and how many can also be valuable information.

Plus, if you pair it with Glassagram’s tool for looking at direct messages, it allows you to enhance your surveillance capabilities and fully protect your children from suspicious personalities.

Location Tracker

Lastly, this feature of Glassagram lets you track where the post was created and puts its location on a GPS map for you.

Although seeing your children’s activities on Instagram may be crucial, it’s also important to know their real-life activity. Glassagram’s Location Tracker helps with this.

Free Instagram Viewer

If you want to view an Instagram account without having to log in on your account, you can try the free Instagram viewer right on Glassagram’s website.

This viewer will allow you to check public Instagram accounts and even their Instagram stories if any.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the Glassagram website and click the big “Try now” button.
  2. Here, you can see a field where you can type the username or Instagram link of the account you want to view. Make sure you use the right format.
  3. Click the “Go to Account” button when it appears.
  4. If they have any Insta stories, you should also see those, but only if it’s a public account.


If you’ve ever tried using another spy app before, likeuMobix, mSpy, or Spyic, you should be familiar with how these installations go.

If you want to experience all the features that Glassagram has to offer, the first thing you should do is to pay for the premium subscription

Once you have your subscription, go to this link: It’s important that you use this link and not click on Glassagram’s “Log-in” button, because that one doesn’t work.

You can use the provided QR code to download the app to your phone. If it doesn’t work, click the “If you didn’t succeed in this way” option and type the provided link on your browser.

Wait for the download to finish, open it, and install the app. On your desktop screen, you should see the detailed steps. Just keep clicking Next once you finish each step.

Time to set up the Glassagram application on your phone. Again, just follow each on-screen instruction and click Next when you finish.
Somewhere along the installation process, you might be asked to input a code. Click “If you see the screen with a code entry.”

Click the “Get Code” button and input the code you see on your phone. Click Next when you’re done.
After this, you just have to wait until the Glassagram servers connect to your phone.

When it’s done, you should be able to see the dashboard and begin your Instagram private viewing.


The website says Glassagram works on both Android and iPhone devices, however, right now only the Android version seems to be available, specifically an Android OS version of 4.1 and above.

What I Liked

  • It’s innovative & useful. Glassagram’s premise is unique and incredibly useful, especially for avid users of Instagram or those who need to use it for their livelihood.
  • It’s additional features. The app is more than just an Instagram viewer – it can also see stories, videos, DMs, and likes. It even features a location tracker.
  • Easy installation. Installing is straightforward, primarily because of its automatic installer. You won’t have to grant all the confusing permissions yourself.
  • Responsive support. During testing, I faced an installation problem that took several weeks to resolve. Glassagram’s Support Team via the live chat remained attentive and helpful, suggesting fixes after fixes until we hit the one that got it right. They also extended the membership duration to accommodate this period.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Misleading. From its website, Glassagram seems like a subscription-based app that allows you to look at the content of other people’s Instagram accounts without being seen.

However, as of now, it’s actually just a monitoring app. You need to discreetly install Glassagram on the target device so that you can see the contents of that device’s Instagram account.

  • Empty dashboard. As mentioned above, many of Glassagram’s features do not work right now. You can still view Instagram profiles anonymously on Glassagram’s trial version for free, though.


Can You Anonymously View Instagram Stories?

You can use Glassagram to anonymously view Instagram stories. Your profile picture and name won’t be visible to their list of Instagram story viewers. Viewing Instagram stories with this app means the view won’t even be counted.

Can Someone See That I Viewed Their Instagram Story If We Are Not Friends?

Someone can see that you viewed their Instagram story even if you’re not friends. That’s why you should use a spy app like Glassagram to check out their profile if you want to remain anonymous.

Glassagram Review: In Conclusion

Glassagram is an Instagram story viewer with features that have a lot of potential. Although it’s not as comprehensive as uMobix, it does have its own merits.

Its free version should be enough for people who just want to anonymously view a public account’sposts and stories. If you’re looking for a more robust app to check out a private Instagram account, though, the paid subscription might be worth a try.


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