Good Vibes Only LED Neon Sign
Good Vibes Only LED Neon Sign

Since the first neon signs by George Claude, messaging has not been the same. Like the ‘Good Vibes Only’ sign, these neon lights take your place’s entire mood/ setting, lounge, bar, and office, from 0 to 100 real quick

Let’s discuss this “Good Vibes Only” LED Neon Sign from Neon Signature. How does it stack up against the rest?

Don’t get cheated: Traditional Neon Signs Vs. LED Neon Signs

The traditional and LED neon signs are not the same, even if they look similar. They are produced differently in design and material.

Unlike traditional neon lights, LED neon signs don’t use glass tubes filled with inert gasses. Instead, they are flexible strips of LED neon lights. So, you can bend them to form any shape or letter your sign needs.


LED neon signs are more legible than the traditional signs because the light strips bend more easily than glass tubes. They’re also easy to use both indoors and outdoors.


The cost of both traditional and LED neon signs depends on:

  • The brand making the sign
  • The size of the sign
  • Design complexity
  • Other features added

But generally, traditional neon signs cost more than LED neon signs because of the production process.


Traditional neon signs are also costlier to maintain than LED ones. For instance, a broken light must be replaced entirely instead of repaired.

Yet, LED neon signs require almost no maintenance. Both the substrates and the lights are made with solid and durable materials.


While a traditional neon sign can last for about 5-10 years, an LED neon light sign is durable, lasting up to 20 years.

Power consumption

A LED neon sign is more energy-efficient than a traditional neon sign.

The Neon Signature’ Good Vibes Only’ LED Neon Sign

What kind of wall do you have?

The Neon Signature Good Vibes Only LED neon sign will add that needed hip vibe you need.

With this stunning neon art, you can now light up your space in up to 10 colors. The LED lights are safe, energy-efficient, shatter-resistant, UV resistant, recyclable, and custom made for your unique needs

Why Buy From Neon Signature?

1.     Size

This ‘Good Vibes Only’ sign comes in three different sizes.

  • 40” L x 6.1” H (100 cm L x 16.4 cm H) that will cost you only $256
  • 60” L x 9” H (150 cm L x 23 cm H) goes for $447
  • 78” L x 12.2” H (200 cm L x 30.9 cm H) for $561

Compared to the same quality at other stores, this is quite a deal to light up your store or restaurant. For small spaces, you can always request the smallest options.

2.     Materials

The lights are made with LED neon flex and set on a clear acrylic backdrop (5mm). It is custom made. So, you can choose between a square acrylic board and a cut-to-shape form.

These materials are durable to ensure your sign lasts twice as long as authentic glass neon lights. They also require minimal to no maintenance to remain safe and silent.

3.     Colors

The sign is available in a wide range of colors to match your taste. You can choose any option from yellow, pink, blue, green, RGB, orange, purple, white, red, light blue, and anything in between.

4.     Accessories

There’s an option for a remote and dimmer to allow you to control the lighting settings to suit the mood.

You’ll get a command strip and a wall mounting strip. Plus, a 12V transformer, compatible with any country’s power outlet

Fancy some cool stickers to go along? You got it.

5.     Easy to install

These Neon Signature signs are easy to set up. Each sign has a high-quality, clear acrylic backboard with predrilled holes for easy installation.

6.     Super-Fast Shipping

Enjoy quick delivery anywhere in the world when you buy the ‘Good Vibes Only’ sign from Neon Signature.

Within two weeks, your sign will be at your doorstep. But, you can always add $150 to have it in under a week.

Your goods are safe, and you can track the entire process from the factory till it gets to your doorsteps.

7.     Energy-efficient

Don’t worry about your impacts on the environment with these. This “Good Vibes Only” sign does not consume much power.

It also guarantees over 50,000 hours of use. So, you won’t need to replace it often.

8.     Custom Made

Don’t worry about your sign looking like every other one out there. Have it your way in the best quality possible, any color and size available.

What next?

Neon Signature’s ‘Good Vibes Only’ does just that — it only gives your space good vibes. The best part? It is affordable, energy-saving, durable, and easy to set up.

So, don’t keep waiting. Get your custom-made “Good Vibes Only” sign here today, in any color you like.


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