Google’s Veterans Day Doodle highlights unity
Google’s Veterans Day Doodle highlights unity

Unity and Diversity were the themes for Google’s Doodle yesterday to mark Veterans Day in the US.

Unity and Diversity were the themes for Google’s Doodle yesterday to mark Veterans Day in the US, a day when American’s give thanks and honour those who have served in the military.

The men and women who serve in the military in the US may wear various uniforms, however, they are all joined in unity by the same cause – protecting their countries.

They all come from different and diverse backgrounds and live varied lives, with veterans going on to live equally different lives.

Veterans Day, known as Armistice Day, is honoured in the US, the UK and Commonwealth countries on November 11 each year and is dedicated to those who fought in wars and conflicts.

The Google Doodle yesterday depicts members of the six US branches of the military as well as men and women, all wearing various uniforms of their times in service and the clothing of their lives to show the life they lived after their career in the military has ended. This includes a disabled veteran, a male wearing a dress, a pastry chef and a doctor.

These vivid images were created by a guest artist, much like previous Veterans Day Google Doodles, who served in the US military himself.

Steven Tette, a US Army veteran, said it was important that his painting accurately represented the diversity of veterans and the uniforms they wear.

Tette said: “As a US Army veteran, I am very familiar with Army dress codes.”

“But I had to spend many hours learning the uniforms of the five other services” – the Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and Space Force.

“’Getting it right’ is very important to me.”

“I wanted to display the diversity of the American veteran and how our lives as civilians are just as diverse,” he said.

“However, I primarily wanted to show the unity of the figures.”

“I want them to be seen as one.”


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